Program Aide Training

I. Introductions/Welcome

II. Program Aide Roles and Responsibilities

1. Desirable personality traits
2. Required experience
3. Time commitment needed
1. A Program Aide is responsible for..
2. A Leader is responsible for..
3. What Older Girls Can and Cannot Do in Older Girl Leadership Projects
4. Strategies for Working With Adults in Leadership projects

1. PA's should be involved in the planning and preparation

2. What do you do if leader tells you "Just show up and I'll tell you what to do"?

II. Girl Scout Basics

1. Play Promise and Law game
2. Handout
      a. The New Girl Scout Law
3. Discuss how the promise/law affects their lives ?
1. Handout
     a. Program Goals - an Overview
     b. Program Goals
     c. 5 Worlds of Interest
2. Groups choose activity out of age level handbook
     a. Determine what world of interest it would relate to
     b. Determine what program goal it would achieve
3. Process group info
1. Discuss how and why girls share in decision making
2. Assume you are planning a campout
     a. What types of things might Daisys decide?
     b. What types of things might Brownies decide?
     c. What types of things might Juniors decide?
     d. What types of things do Cadettes/Seniors decide?
1. Cooperative puzzle (from Contemporary Issue "Valuing Differences")
2. Discuss what can be learned from this activity?
1. Brainstorm types of gender bias experiences (Cadette Handbook p.55)
2. Discuss responses
1. Short intro on book format
2. Handout
     a. Safety-Wise Quiz
1. Handout
     a. Facts about GSUSA
     b. Facts about MTGSC

III. Working With Younger Girls

1. Handout
     a. Age Level Characteristics
2. What types of things would be appropriate for one age level but inappropriate for another
1. Hand out Mars bars and tell girls they can't eat it now
2. Handouts
     a. How to Teach Something You Know to Others Who Don't
3. Ask "How do you get someone to learn?"
     a. Motivation-how are we motivated?
     b. Association-associate activities with something they know
     c. Repetition-we learn better when we repeat and rephrase info
     d. Sensations-The more senses we use the better we learn
4. When association is accomplished, girls can eat MARS bar
1. Handout
    a. Hints for Beginning Game Leaders
2. Each group is assigned a simple game and teaches it to the group
    a. Discuss how to adapt it to disabilities encountered OR
     b. if time, play it using different variations based on different disabilities
1. Handout
    a. Song Leadership
    b. Song Leading
2. Teach a song using techniques presented
1. Use activities selected in II above
2. Have girls plan activity including:
     a. Supplies needed
     b. Estimate how much time needed
     c. What would need to be done for clean up
     d. Whether activity would be complete at end of time (e.g., would need to dry)
     e. Who is responsible for what part of activity
3. Discuss what happens when this kind of preparation is not done for an activity
1. Give scenario to each group to discuss & present solutions
2. Any other solutions?
3. What is best role for Program Aide in problem situation?
4. How would you approach the troop leader if you saw a problem in a troop setting?

IV. What Now

a. Reference Forms (3 per girl)
b. Girl and Parent Agreement
c. Program Aide Log
d. Program Aide Note Sheet
e. Program Aide Placement
f. Leader Evaluation of Program Aide
a. May be for an event you are working on
b. May be a Council specialty training if scheduled
a. DO NOT double dip
b. Can log hours planning, leading, assisting, or attending(as a PA)

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