Simply Solar

Course Outline

(3 Hours)

I. Welcome

II. Course Objectives (By the end of the course participants will be able to:)

III. Introduction to Solar Cooking

IV. Equipment Required

V. Recipes

VI. Cooking Tips

  1. Use a cake rack under to pan to allow air to circulate and food to cook evenly
  2. Bake bread and cakes mid-day (between 11:00am-3:00pm)
  3. Preheat solar cooker before baking
  4. Make sure you have emergency back-up cooking source
  5. To maintain maximum heat in oven, re-position it every half hour
  6. Make sure you use pot holders - oven cooks anywhere from 200-300 degrees depending on the intensity of the sun
  7. Try your own recipes and cook twice as long as in conventional oven
  8. Don't worry about overcooking - your food will not burn
  9. Stirring is not necessary when cooking in the solar oven - removing the lid lets valuable heat escape
  10. If you need to be gone during cooking time, position the oven to the estimated mid-point of its path during the time you will be gone

VII. Types of Solar Cookers

VIII. Construct Simple Cardboard Solar Cooker

  1. Take square cardboard box, (approximately 18" square)
  2. Cut in half on the diagonal
  3. Tape box flaps (2, cut to fit) to diagonal cut using duct tape
  4. Cover inside of box  and flap with heavy duty aluminum foil and secure with duct tape.
  5. Cook in dark porcelain pot and place pot inside an oven roasting bag (turkey size).
  6. Position cooker toward the sun and raise bottom flap to direct the most sun on the pot.

IX. Sample Solar Dish

X. Resources:

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