I made this bookmark using Cebelia #20, and the finished size is about 6" long. I didn't write down a pattern, I adapted LaRae's celtic bookmark, which was an adaptation of Rosemary Peel's Celtic Motif. This one is definitely not for beginners! I used split rings, mock rings, and reversed the direction of my chains. I tatted two separate layers which I wove together, then finished with a simple round of rings and chains to tie it all together.

I just bought Rosemary Peel's Tatting for Pleasure. This book has two Celtic Motifs, and a Celtic edging. Her directions are very clear, and her techniques are much easier than what I used.

I have finally added some directions. My pictures are too small, though, and I will have to update with larger ones.

Details of Lenore's Celtic Bookmark

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