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"I want to welcome you to the History of Fort Wayne.Com!.... I hope you enjoy exploring the rich history of this great city!"

My two little helpers on the towpath of the feeder canal.

A picture of my son Jon at the culvert no.31 site. (Wabash & Erie Canal)

Jessica and Jonathan at the Fort.

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Maumee-Wabash Portage: The Glorious Gate.

Post Miamis: The First European Settlers
Historic Fort Wayne: The Great American Outpost
Wabash and Erie Canal:The Great Waterway.
The American Civil War: Fort Wayne's Soldiers.
Arrival Of Locomotives:The Canal's Demise.
The Rise of Industry: Fort Wayne's Revolution.
The Management of Progress:The Prewar Years.
The War to End All Wars: Patriotism and Fervor.
The Promise of Hope: The Depression Years.
Great Strides in Industry: World War Two.
High School Proms & Cherry Sodas: The Fifties.
The Coming of Age: Fort Wayne in the Sixties.
The Rebirth of Fort Wayne History: The Seventies.
A new Sense of Direction & Growth: The Eighties.
The Bicentennial of Fort Wayne: 200 Years of Prosperity.
The Year 2000: Reflections and Great Expectations.
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