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A Genealogy Home Page of Susan T. Miller

This website, located at or, or (all three URL's worked) was the original genealogy web site of Susan T. Miller, begun in 1998.  Also on this same web hosting space at, or, or, or, or (all six URL's worked) was the website of the Fox Valley Mixers Square Dance Club, St. Charles, Illinois, also begun in 1998.

In 2000 a second and more updated genealogy website by Susan Miller was begun at or

The web site for Fox Valley Mixers Square Dance Club, St. Charles, Illinois, was relocated to its own domain hosted by in 2006 and can be found at  The old Geocities URL's for the square dance website were redirected to the new site by about 2007.  During the 2006 - 2007 dance season both dance websites were kept updated. 

Susan T. Miller began a new genealogy website with its own domain hosted by in December 2003 at  The two genealogy sites hosted by Geocities have remained online through October 2009.  The cost for hosting each of the ad-free Geocities sites has remained $4.95 per month all these years.  Although the genealogy information on these sites has had minimal updates, the websites have continued to be a source of information and contacts for distant relatives around the world. A program called GedPage created by Rob Jacob - - was used to convert gedcom files into a group sheet with notes format for each of the websites, making it easy for people to locate their ancestors or deceased relatives just by using search engines with names, locations of birth, marriage, and death, or other information.  The email address for Susan Miller since 1997 has remained

Geocities has announced that web hosting will no longer be provided after October 26, 2009.  This notification was provided in about April 2009.

The website for Fox Valley Mixers Square Dance Club can be found at

The genealogy website previously located at or, or has been transferred to

The genealogy website previously located at or be found at

The home page for all of Susan Miller's online genealogy information is now at

I am continuing to do genealogy research and enjoy exchanging information and photos with other researchers!

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Susan T. Miller
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