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Heidi's career began when she won the "Model 92" competition in her native Germany at the age of 18. She beat up over 25,000 other aspiring models, showing sign of her future success.

The victory astonished everyone and above all the long haired Heidi Klum. The title changed her life: a Model contract with the New Yorker Top agency "Metropolitan". It ran over three years and guaranteed minimum earnings/services of $300,000, at that time approximately 500,000 Marks. 

Heidi's private precaution for the entrance into the occupation of dream: a lawyer, a world-wide insurance policy and a telephone always at hand as hot wire to parents. 

Heidi was very inexperienced at the beginning of her career and had a difficult time adjusting to the demands of the job. The work started tough. She practiced with the photographers to get accustomed to the flash and numerous various hiccups were experienced.

Petrol catalog were the first to hire her and she did most of her early work for them. She began in Hamburg, Paris and Milan. Then the work came overseas. First to Miami, then to the Mecca of the modeling industry - New York.

Heidi Klum's face adorns ads for cosmetics, telephones, bridal clothes, designer clothes, and swimsuits to name a few. She has appeared on every major magazines cover page, even gracing the cover of the illustrious Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition.

Her face has always been very versatile. Sometimes it was cool, lazy,
romantic or fragile. Then again self-confidently, sexy or erotic. Talk about a photographers dream. 

Her two-room dwelling in New York is cozy. It is situated in the middle of Manhattan. For security reasons the apartment provides a guard at the entrance, but Heidi Klum is rarely at home. She lives from the suit-case, oscillating between hotels. 

Heidi pays attention to nutrition - like many. She smokes and drinks rarely, instead she drinks three liters water without carbonic acid daily. (it is good for the skin apparently). Also, for Heidi sleep is holy, otherwise she is not fit. "and then I also don't look good." 

The future is also very bright for Heidi and she is enjoying the fruits of being one of the top supermodels in the industry. With yearly earnings in excess of $2 million US she is making a mint and doing it with style. The sky is the limit for Heidi as she continues to rise in success and popularity. Not bad for a German schoolgirl who happened to enter a contest she found while flipping through a magazine huh?

Status - Happily Married to Ric Pipino