The Royal Family of Romania

House of Hohenzollern

HM King Mihai I and HM Queen Anna

The Royal Family of Romania does not have an official website.

Sovereigns of Romania

HSH Prince Carol I April 20th, 1866 March 26th, 1881
HM King Carol I March 26th, 1881 October 10th, 1914
HM King Ferdinand I October 10th, 1914 July 20th, 1927
HM King Mihai I July 20th, 1927 June 8th, 1930 (deposed by his father)
HM King Carol II June 8th, 1930 September 6th, 1940 (abdicated)
HM King Mihai I
(second reign)

September 6th, 1940

December 30th, 1947 (forced to leave Romania)

The Genealogy of the Royal Family of Romania.

The Line of Succession to the Throne

There are no people in line of succession to the Romanian Throne.

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