The Imperial Family of Russia

House Romanov

HI & RH Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna

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Sovereigns of Russia

HIM Emperor Mikhael I Feodorovitch February 21st, 1613 July 23rd, 1645
HIM Emperor Aleksej I Mikhailovitch July 23rd, 1645 January 30th, 1676
HIM Emperor Feodor III Aleksejevitch January 30th, 1676 May 7th, 1682
HIM Emperor Ivan V Aleksejevitch May 7th, 1682 February 8th, 1696
HIM Emperor Pjotr I Aleksejevitch May 7th, 1682 February 8th, 1725
HIM Empress Ekatarina I February 8th, 1725 May 17th, 1727
HIM Emperor Pjotr II Aleksejevitch May 17th, 1727 January 30th, 1730
HIM Empress Anna Ivanovna January 30th, 1730 October 28th, 1740
HIM Emperor Ivan VI Antonovitch October 28th, 1740 December 7th, 1741 (deposed)
HIM Empress Elisaveta Petrovna December 7th, 1741 January 5th, 1762
HIM Emperor Pjotr III Karlovitch January 5th, 1762 July 5th, 1762 (deposed)
HIM Empress Ekatarina II Aleksejevna July 9th, 1762 November 17th, 1796
HIM Emperor Pavel I Petrovitch November 17th, 1796 March 24th, 1801
HIM Emperor Aleksandr I Pavlovitch March 24th, 1801 December 1st, 1825
HIM Emperor Nikolai I Pavlovitch December 1st, 1825 March 2nd, 1855
HIM Emperor Aleksandr II Nikolaievitch March 2nd, 1855 March 13th, 1881
HIM Emperor Aleksandr III Aleksandrovitch March 13th, 1881 November 1st, 1894
HIM Emperor Nikolai II Aleksandrovitch November 1st, 1894 March 28th, 1917 (abdicated)
HIM Emperor Mikhael II Aleksandrovitch March 28th, 1917 March 29th, 1917 (abdicated)

The Genealogy of the Imperial Family of Russia.

The Line of Succession to the Throne

  1. HIH Grand Duke Georgij Mikhailovitch of Russia (* March 13th, 1981)

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Members of the Romanov Family in the Throne Room of the Peterhof Imperial Palace, July 18th, 1998

Standing, from left to right: Inez von Bachalin, Andrej Andrejevitch Romanov, Zoetta Leisy, Peter Andrejevitch Romanov, Elizabeth Flores, Andrew Andrejevitch Romanov, Xenia Sfiris, Paul Dimitrievitch Prince Romanovsky-Ilyinsky, Nikolai Romanovitch Romanov, Dimitri Romanovitch Romanov, Nikita Nikitich Romanov, Sveva Countess della Gherardesca, Natalya Romanova Consolo, Francis Mathew, Dorrit Reventlow, Xenia Andrejevna Romanova Tooth, Michael Andrejevitch Romanov, Nancy Wynkoop, Giulia Crespi, Olga Andrejevna Romanova Mathew.
Kneeling, from left to right: Catherine Princess Romanovsky-Ilyinkskaya, Makena Comisar, Nicoletta Consolo, Audrey de Young, Alexander Comisar, Paula Princess Romanovsky-Ilyinkskaya Comisar.

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