Charli's favourite:

Colour:  Pink, purple or anything that sparkles.

Food:  Chocolate! fresh fruit, roasted vegetables, tofu fritters from Iku and more chocolate!

Birthday:  March 8.

Animal:  Dolphins! I want to be a dolphin princess! I also love dogs, monkeys and horses.

Hobby:  Being near wild dolphins and performing.

Place:  Cruising on the water at sunset and being with my family.

Movie:  The Big Blue, Shakespeare in Love, Hamlet and The Red Shoes.

Song:  'No Ordinary Morning' by Chicane and 'Cool Change' by Glen Shorick.

Hi-5 song:  'Three Wishes' and 'Jamaica' songlet.

Family:  Mum, Dad and my older sister.

Pets:  Buffy and Scoobie (cutest little dogs) and two horses (Fame and Flashdance).

Sports:  V8 car racing (thanks to my Dad). I'd love to race at Bathurst 1000.

TV shows:  Friends and Frasier.

Message:  There is nothing like going to the beach, looking out at the ocean and doing some deep breathing or stretching. It's amazing how meditation or yoga makes you feel so free, happy and fulfilled.