Stores Where Princess Diana Liked to Shop Which Do Not Have Web Sites

The following shops and designers have also been listed as places patronized by Princess Diana in The Definitive Diana, Diana: Her Life in Fashion, The Princess and the Duchess, The Royal Shopping Guide, Princess, and Diana's Diary; but I have been unable to find internet sites for them. (In cases where I have confirmed that firms have gone out of business or that the designers have retired, it is noted below in their listings.) If anyone reading this page is aware of web sites for any of these businesses, please send them to me and I will list them on the other page. Finally, remember that addresses and telephone numbers can change. Check the British Telecom directory to be sure.

Anthea Moore Ede--classic clothes for children from 0-14, including custom-made outfits for weddings and other occasions. Brands include Osh Kosh, Little Darlings, Sarah Louise, Poppy, and Sucre D'orge. 16 Victoria Grove, W8 - Tel: +44 020 7584 8826

Bellville Sassoon--designers of her going-away outfit after the wedding, the fairy princess blue and white dress worn to the Gonzaga exhibit where she was photographed asleep, and the pink flowered dress worn to Prince William's christening and on the Australian tour. 18 Culford Gardens, London SW3 2ST  - Tel. +44 020 7581-3500

Bill Pashley--designer of the brown and white checked suit worn for  the photo opportunity session during her honeymoon at Balmoral.

Bimbo--imported luxury children's clothes. Princess Diana bought a snowsuit for Prince William that was worn on December 14, 1983, when he took his first steps in public. There is a picture of him wearing it on page 118 of The Royal Shopping Guide.

Bruce Oldfield Limited--One of the original designers dating from the consultations with the editorial staff of Vogue Magazine, who provided many outfits for the 1983 Canadian and Australian tours, including the pale blue evening dress with frills on the sleeves and side with a silver cummerbund that was worn to the Royal Charity Ball at the Sheraton Wentworth Hotel in Sydney. (The Royal Shopping Guide, p. 83.27 Beauchamp Place SW3 +44 020 7584 1363

Casa Pupo--located in Covent Garden, it provided knickknacks, lamps, and lights. It has gone out of business within the last three years.

Charbonnel et Walker--chocolatier. Diana gave a box to her mother which cost eighty pounds. Notable products include tins of hot chocolate and chocolates filled with strawberries and cream in the summer. There are many stores online from which you can purchase their products. I also discovered on my last trip to England that they have a duty-free shop in Terminal 4 at Heathrow Airport. 1 The Royal Arcade, 28 Old Bond Street, London, W1X 4BT  Tel:  +44 020 7491 0939
Mail order tel: +44 020 7491 0939

Chelsea Design Company--the firm of Princess Diana's leading designer, Catherine Walker. In 1992, the label became "Catherine Walker". Prices currently range from 2,600-8,000 pounds.
65 Sidney St. SW3 - Tel: +44 020 7352 4626

Christian Dior--designer. Princess Diana carried the Lady Dior bag during the last couple of years, contributing to the rage for it by fashionable women. 22 Sloane Street, London SW1
Tel: +44 020 7235 1357

Christina Stambolian--designed the dress which Princess Diana wore on the night of Charles' interview when he confessed his adultery with Camilla Parker-Bowles.

Cobra & Bellamy--20th century costume jewelry, amber jewelry, and ceramics. 149 Sloane Street,
London, SW1X 9B2 - Tel: +44 020 7824 8996

Courtney of Sloane Street--lingerie

David and Elizabeth Emmanuel--husband and wife designer team who created the pink ruffled blouse which Diana wore in November 1980 for a Vogue photo shoot. She liked it so much that she chose them to design her wedding dress and those of her bridesmaids. They also designed the notorious black dress with the plunging neckline which she wore on her first public appearance with Prince Charles where she met Princess Grace. (The Emmanuels have since divorced.)
Address for David Emmanuel: Care Of Lanesborough Hotel Lanesborough Place SW1X 7TA
Tel: +44 020 7482 6486

Donald Campbell Ltd--this designer began making clothes for Lady Diana Spencer during her engagement. He made the red and green outfit she wore on her first tour to Wales in 1981.
8 William Street, London SW1X 9HL Tel: +44 020 7235 3332

Early Learning Center--educational toys

Fenwick--department store specializing in clothing, hats and accessories.  63 New Bond St., London W1A 3B5 -Tel: +44 020 7629 9161


Frog Hollow--charming gift and toy shop that specialized in frogs, which was one of Princess Diana's special collecting interests. An extensive section on this interest is found under the entry "Collections" in The Definitive Diana by Sally Moore. Sadly, this store is no longer in business.
It was located next door to Anthea Moore Ede, with its address having been 15 Victoria Grove, W8. According to a November 1984 article from London Portrait Magazine, popular merchandise that year was: "Chinese dolls in satin suits and long, straight black hair in a range from £7.99 to £14.99...the 'Popoid' kit that builds into spacecraft, cars, monsters etc., by assembling tubular plastic modules that bend and stretch for £11.95", and theme watches such as A-Team, Hello Kitty, and Little Twin Star.

Gianni Versace --Designer of many stunning outfits in her last years, most notably the purple sheath dress worn on a visit to Chicago in 1996, and creator of the Lady Di handbag. Diana attended his funeral in the summer of 1997. 34-36 Old Bond Street, London W1 - Tel: +44 020 7259 5700

Gina Fratini--Designed many romantic outfits during the early 80s, including a cream colored ball gown with full underskirts, the red satin evening dress with full skirts, scoop neck and elbow length sleeves trimmed with lace that she wore during her first pregnancy, and a dark blue velvet dress with a white Puritan collar worn to the 25th London Film Festival in November 1981.

Giorgio Armani--Designer of the beige jeans worn on the trip to Bosnia. 37 Sloane Street, London, SW1  Tel: +44 020 7235 6232

H & M Rayne--shoemakers to HM the Queen, the Queen Mother, Princess Margaret, and Princess Diana. The April 1989 issue of Majesty magazine has a fascinating article about the firm with pictures of shoes made for all four ladies on pp. 12-19 of that issue.

Hermes--purses. 179 Sloane Street, London, SW1 - Tel: +44 020 7823 1014

HyperHyper--women's clothes. Closed in 1996.

Inca Peruvian Shop--provided the rose-colored sweater with horizontal lines and animals that was worn with brown knee breeches and "green Hunter boots" in a photo shoot with Charles at Balmoral during the spring of 1981. (From Davina Hammer and Tim Graham, Diana: the Fashion Princess, p. 99.) When a newspaper story named the shop that sold the sweater, Inca reported selling 500 sweaters of the same design within the three days. (From Ralph G. Martin, Charles and Diana, p. 274.) Aside from children's and adult's sweaters, which they commissioned in Peru, the shop also sold Peruvian crafts, jewelry, waistcoats, and hats. (The Royal Shopping Guide, p. 73.) An old article from a November 1984 issue of London Portrait magazine gave its address at that date as 45 Elizabeth Street, SW1, which is in Pimlico.

Jacques Azagury--designer of the sparkling black dress she wore with the emerald choker on her 36th birthday. 50 Knightsbridge, London SW1 - Tel: +44 020 7235 0799

Jan VanVelden--designer of maternity clothes worn during her second pregnancy, and the dresses with large collars that appeared on the 1983 Australian tour.

John Boyd--milliner. He created unique styles just for Diana, including the tricorn shaped hat that she wore as part of her going-away outfit on her wedding day. 16 Beauchamp Place, London, SW3 1NQ - Tel: +44 020 7589 7601

John Martin--milliner who created the skullcaps with veils and feathers which Princess Diana wore during the first few years of her marriage.

Kanga--women's shop owned by the late Lady Dale Tryon, one of the Prince Charles' special friends who was banned from the wedding breakfast. She and Diana later became friends due to their mutual jealousy of Camilla Parker-Bowles.

Kensington Market--marketplace with cheap and/or retro clothes, record shops, leather goods, sex paraphernalia, and almost everything else. Unfortunately, the book which mentioned it didn't say what she bought there! According to a correspondent in London, it has gone out of business, though she didn't say when that occurred. It must have been quite recently, since there are many, many web sites about shopping in London that still list it.  Kensington High Street, London, W8 5ED

Kitex--ski clothes

Manolo Blahnik--women's shoes. He didn't always design stilettos, for the low-heeled court shoes that Diana wore as part of her going-away outfit were made by him. Though he doesn't appear to have a web page, some of his designs can be ordered from Europa Couture, which also offers other accessories, dresses, etc. A virtual boutique of his shoes can also be found at Neiman Marcus, though you will have to download the RichFx player at the site to get the full effect.  49-51 Old Church St., London SW3 Tel: +44 020 7352 3863

Meenys--Began as a children's hairdresser, with children's clothes sold on the side, but eventually they became the biggest supplier of the Osh Kosh B'Gosh line in London. Princess Diana bought jeans and sweaters from them for Prince William. (The Royal Shopping Guide, p. 119.)

Metropolitan Museum of Art--A Royalty Magazine article about Diana's and Sarah's jewelry mentioned that Diana owned a pair of the museum shop's popular "Venus" earrings, as well as displaying a picture of her wearing them. They must have been a great favorite of hers, since I have run across numerous pictures of her wearing them over a period of years. These earrings were copied from a Renaissance painting of Venus; and they consist of a single glass pearl teardrop hanging down from a twisted gold loop. They could be purchased as a pair of white pearl earrings, a pair of black, or a pair which consisted of one black pearl earring and one white pearl. At the time Princess Diana had them, they were only available with 24 kt gold plated loops, which retailed for $48, but they later made them available with 14 kt gold loops for $165. It is doubtful if they are still available, since they are no longer listed on the web site or in their most recent catalog, but if you think you would like them, you can try contacting the museum and asking if they still sell the "Venus" earrings. 1000 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10028-0198 - Tel: 1-800-468-7386


Monty Don--costume jewelry

Murray Arbeid--designer of the red and black dress with the uneven hemline which was worn with one black glove and one red one. Closed 1992.

Party--decorations and party favors for Prince William's birthday party.

Philip Somerville--milliner. His hats are often spotted at Ascot and current clients include the Queen, The Duchess of Gloucester, the Swedish royal family, and Jerri Hall. 38 Chilton Street,
London W1M 1PH - Tel: +44 020 7224 1517

Present Affairs--gifts.

Ravel Shoes--women's shoes. 163 Kensington High Street, London, W8 6SU Tel: +44 020 7937 3783

Rifat Ozbek--designer.

Roland Klein--designer. 7-9 Tryon Street, Chelsea, SW3 Tel: +44 020 7823 9179

Simpson's of Picadilly--Diana stopped here first to look for a suit to wear for the announcement of her engagement. When she failed to find anything here, she purchased a suit from Harrod's.
The store closed in 1999 and is now home of the flagship of the Waterstone's bookstore chain.
The store was also said to be the model for the popular TV series, Are You Being Served?

Slick Willy's--casual clothing with American logos such as sweatshirts, jackets, etc. 41 Kensington
High Street, London, W8 5ED

Souleiado--makers of quilted casual handbags from Provence carried in her early years; several photos on the polo fields show her carrying them. "The Princess of Wales bought five of their 'sacs magaridos'-- quilted bags -- all in different designs at $45 each (1984 price), which she often took with her when she went to watch Prince Charles playing polo. 'She liked roses'." From
The Royal Shopping Guide, p. 69, verbs adjusted to past tense. The shop she went to is still in business and is in its original location at 171 Fulham Road, London, SW3 6JW  Tel: +44 020 7589 6180 A US source is a Souleiado boutique located in Maine.

Stephen Jones--milliner. 36 Great Queen St., London WC2B 5AA - Tel: +44 020 7242 0770

Surprises--greeting cards.

Tatters Ltd--74 Fulham Road,London SW3 6HH Tel: +44 020 7584 1532

Tomasz Starzewski--designer. 177 Sloane St., London  SW1 - Tel: +44 020 7235 4526

Tomlinson and Tomlinson--knitwear shop. "One spring day The Princess of Wales and her private detective visited Tomlinson and Tomlinson, the spacious corner shop off Kensington High Street. The Princess immediately chose what she wanted and a few minutes later walked out with a 'weather' jumper in dark blue wool showing a picture of large clouds, lots of rain, and a lightning flash. It was later worn with a pair of jeans to a polo match in the summer of 1983. To commemorate the Royal visit, Tomlinson displayed a newspaper cutting of her wearing it in their shop window." In 1984 the address was listed as 8 Hornton Street. (The Royal Shopping Guide,
p. 76.)

Victor Edelstein--designed the blue velvet dress that Diana wore to the White House on the night she danced with John Travolta, and which fetched the highest price at the auction of her dresses in 1997. He designed numerous other distinctive dresses for her, but closed down in 1993 saying there was no longer a market for couture clothes.

Warm & Wonderful--provided the famous red sweater with the one black sheep among many white ones which was a worldwide best-seller after photos of her wearing it were published.
It was given to her by a friend and could be purchased for $75 in 1984. As of 1984, the shop was located at 191 St. Johns Hill. (The Royal Shopping Guide, p. 76.)

White House--children's clothes. Prince William wore their hand-smocked silk crawler suits for early sessions, most notably the royal "crawlabout" done for the benefit of photographers when his parents visited New Zealand in 1983.  102 Waterford Road, London SW6 2HA Tel: +44 020 7629 3521

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