Barry's Totally Kick Ass Party... Pics In case you weren't at Barry's totally kick ass party, here's what you missed.


Group on the roof

Callan and Barry feeling Robyn's boob

Callan feeling Robyn's boobs

Callan running around with a pink bra on his head

Again, Callan running around with a pink bra on his head WHILE wearing a white one WHILE being molested by someone who shall remain annonomous

Kurt wearing the infamous pink bra. It's actually Rae's. Whoda thunk it

Me and Rae

Robyn and Callan

People signing Rae's bra. I'm holding it up.

Me and Rae pointing at Mark's nipple. I kissed it in lip gloss.

Someone's chest. It's a guy....

Robyn and Jay

Mark and me

Mark and some dude


Me and Jay on the roof. I LOVE THIS PIC!

Me and Mark's chest

Charlee and Kurt's chest

Me signing Mark's chest

Robyn and Barry


Mark and Robyn

An uber adorable pic of Mark and Robyn


Charlee feeling her boobs

An awesome pic of Mark and Callan

Me and Charlee


Barry and Mallory

Randi and Matt guarding the window from drunks

Kurt, Rae, Chuckm and some other chick

Some chick, Dee, and Rob

Huge group of people

Me and someone tickling Cheyba

Me and Mark kissing

Jay passed out

Andy's drawing

Barry, Charlee, and Michael

Rob on the floor

Charlee and Jay

Group on the couch

Callan on the floor


Rob again