The Tents of History
Part 8. 13th Century
Edited by Stephen Francis Wyley
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1200-1207 A.D. (The Silver Shrine of Charlemagne)
2nd Quarter of the 13th century (The Royal Encampment) Link to picture
1225-1235 A.D. (Assemblies (Maqâmât) of al Harîrî)
1227 A.D. (The Siege of Savone)
1250 A.D. (The Maciejowsky Bible)A replica of a bell tent from the Maciejowsky Bible, 1250 A.D.
1250-1260 A.D. (William of Tyre)
2nd Half of the 13th Century (Sammlung moralisch-didaktischer Schriften in Latein und Altvenezianisch)(20/1/2002)
1264 A.D. (Roman de Troie)
1270 A.D. (Psautier de St.Louis) Link to picture
1275 A.D. (Guillaume de Tyr, Chronique d'Outremer)
3rd Quarter 13th century (Balnea Puteolana)
1283 A.D. (Alfonso X El Sabio, (The Book of Chess, Dice, and Board Games
(El Libro de Juegos: los libros de ajedrex, dados e tablas)) Link to picture
13th century (Chanson de Roland) Link to picture
13th century (Painted Marriage Chest from Provence)
13th century (The Encampment of Jenghis Khan) Link to picture
A replica of a bell tent from the 13th century 'Cantigas de Santa Maria'13th century (Cantigas de Santa Maria)
 13th century (Robert de Borron, Historie du Graal)
13th century (Le Chevalier du Cygne)
13th century (Slaying of the Assyrians and the Vision of Zechariah)
13th century (Guillaume de Tyr, Historie de Jerusalem, The Fall of Jerusalem)

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