The Tents of History

Part 11. 16th Century

Edited by Stephen Francis Wyley

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1501 - 1525

1526 - 1550

1551 - 1575

1576 - 1600


1st Quarter of the 16th Century

 Early 16th century (The Storming of Nantes) Link to picture
 Early 16th century (The Story of David and Goliath)
1502-1506 A.D. (The Siege of Dole from the Life of Saint Anatoile)
1503 A.D. (‘La Spagna Historiata’)
1505 A.D. (‘Maximilian in a Park of Artillery’)
1507 A.D. (Niklaus Manuel, ‘Young Halberdier and Siege Scene’)
1509 A.D. (‘La Historia de tutte quante le guerre fate el fato darme fatto in geradadda...’)
1509-1513 A.D. (The Lady and the Unicorn)
1510 A.D. (‘La obsidione di Padua...’)
1510 A.D. (Wolf Traut, Surrender of Dole (1479))
1510 -1520 A.D. (Gerand Horenbout, The Spinola HHours)
1512 A.D. (Master of History, ‘The Second Expedition into Flanders’)
1512 A.D. (Albrecht Altdorfer, ‘The Utrecht Campaign’)
       1513 A.D. (Anon., ‘The Battle of Grandson’)
1513 A.D. (Henry VII and Maximilian I meet at the Battle of the Spurs)
1513 A.D. (The Battle of Novara)
Before 1515 A.D. (Master of History, The Betrothal of the Children of Maximillian and Charles the Bold)
1515 A.D. (Hans Burgkmair, The Elder.  Judith in the Camp of Holofernes)
1515 A.D. (Albrecht Altdorfer, The Great Venetian War)
1515-1516 A.D. (Anon., ‘The Battle of Marignana’)
 1515-1520 A.D. (Tapestry, the Siege of Dijon in 1513)
1519 A.D. (Albrecht Dürer, ‘Siege of Hohenspern’)
1520 A.D. (Two pike schiltrons clash in this German wood cut) Link to picture
1520 A.D. (Three Designs for Royal Tents)
1520 - 1530 A.D. (Qadimi, The Court of Faridun, Shah Tahmasp's Shahnameh)Link to picture
1520 - 1530 A.D. (Abdul-Aziz, Salam and TTur recieve the reply of Faridun, Shah Tahmasp's Shahnameh)
1522 A.D. (Hans Sebald Beham,  The Siege of Rhodes)
 1522 A.D. (Muzaffar Ali, nephew of Master Bihzad, ‘Laila and Majnum’)
1524 A.D. (Lorenzo Lotto, ‘Judith with the Head of Holofernes’)
1525 A.D. (John Lydgate, ‘The Siege of Thebes, and Other Works’) Link to more information
1525 A.D. (J. Breu, the Elder, The Battle of Pavia) Link to picture
1525 A.D. (Jost De Negker,  Ebernburg Castle)
1525 A.D. (The Battle of Pavia, Frundsberg defends the forces of Francis I)
1525 A.D. (Hans Schaufelein, The Battle of Pavia)
1525 - 1530 A.D. (Anonymous, The Battle of Paviaa)

2nd Quarter of the 16th Century

1526 A.D (Giovanni Andrea Vavassore, The Siege of Pavia)
1526 A.D. (Hans (Leonhard) Schäufelein, The Battle of Pavia) Link to picture
1527 A.D. (School of Joachim Patinier, The Battle of Pavia)
1529 A.D. (Last days of the Turkish siege of Vienna)
1529 A.D. (Ruprecht Heller, ‘The Battle of Pavia’)
1529 A.D. (Hans Sebald Beham, The Siege of Vienna)
1529 A.D. (Lucas Cranach, The Elder, The Old and New Testament)
1529 A.D. (Erhard Schoen, Siege of Vienna)
1529 A.D. (Albrecht Altdorfer, ‘The Battle of Issus’) Link to picture
1530 A.D. (Jean de Bueil, ‘Le jouvencel’)
1530 A.D. (Wolf Huber, ‘The Battle of Pavia’)
1530 A.D. (Jörg Brue, ‘The Battle of Zama’)
1530 A.D. (Hans Sebald Beham, Entry of Emperor Charles into Munich)
1530 A.D. (J. Breu, The Elder, The Investiture of King Ferdinand I )
1530 A.D. (Georg Pencz, Bridge of Adultery)
1530 A.D. (Hans (Leonhard) Schäufelein, The Battle of Betulia)
1530 A.D. (Unknown artist, The Battle of the Spurs
1530 A.D. (Mirza Àli, Preparing for the “Joust of the Twelve Rooks”)
1530-1534 A.D. (Simon Bening, Genealogy of the Infante Don Fernando of Portugal)
1531 A.D. (Barnaert van Orley, The Pavia Tapestry)
1532 A.D. (Hans (Leonhard) Schäufelein, Battle with the Turks)
1532 A.D. (Erhard Schoen, Ravages of the Turks)
1533 A.D. (Erhard Schoen, Siege of Betulia)
1533 A.D. (Erhard Schoen, War between Dogs, Cats, Mice and Rats)
1535 A.D. (Erhard Schoen, Army Train)
 1535 A.D. (Erhard Schoen, Siege of Münster)
1535 A.D. (Erhard Schoen, Bird’s Eye view of Tunis)
1535 A.D. (Melchior Feselen, The Siege of Alesia)
1536 A.D. (Erhard Schoen, The Siege of Munster)
1539-1543 A.D. (Mir Sayyid Ali, Majnun being brought by a beggar women to Laila’s tent) Link to picture
1540 A.D. (Mir Sayyid Ali, Life in the City and Life in the Camp) Link to picture
1540 A.D. (Niklas Stoer, Two Cannons)
1540 A.D. (Unidentified Artists, The Welcoming of the Bride by his Imperial Roman Majesty on the Shore of the Danube with Guard of Honour)
1540 A.D. (Unidentified Artists, Tournament on Foot Before the Castle in Vienna)
1541 A.D. (J. Breu, The Younger, The Siege of Algiers)
1541 A.D. (Erhard Schoen, Massacre of Lansquenents)
1541 A.D. (Erhard Schoen, Siege of Budapest)
1542 A.D. (Lucas Cranach, The Younger, The Siege of Wolfenbüttel)
1543 A.D. (H. Vogtherr, the Elder, Judith and the Holofernes)
1544 A.D. (The Camping of the King at Morgvison, at the Siege of Boulogne)
1544 A.D. (The Siege of Boulogne by Henry VIII) Link to picture
1545 A.D. (The Cowdray Engraving of the Solent Battle)
1545 A.D. (Artist Unknown, Field of the Cloth of Gold)
1546 A.D. (Lucas Cranach, Der Jungbrunnen (The Fountain of Youth)) Link to picture
1547 A.D. (Master M.S., Bivouac of Emperor Charles V near Wittenberg)
1548 A.D. (Matthias Gerung, The Emperor Defeating the Pope)
1549 A.D. (Hans Mielich, Encampment at Ingolstadt)
1550 A.D. (Italian, Pageant Shield)

3rd Quarter of the 16th Century

Mid 16th century (The Life of Desert Nomads - Persian)
2nd Half 16th century (Princely Reception - Persian)
1551 A.D. (Sebald Mayer, The Miraculous Stream of Walkershofen)
1552 A.D. (Hans Adam, The Law was given us by Moses and Grace and Truth by Jesus Christ)
1552 A.D. (Master C.S. , The Siege of Metz)
1553 A.D. (Heylreich Zeell, Siege and Capture of the City of Thérouanne)
 1553 A.D. (Hans Glaser, The Siege of the city of Hof)
1554 A.D. (Hans Glaser, Hohenlandsberg Castle, Besieged and taken 8 April 1554)
1554 A.D. (Master H.M., History of Duke Johann Friedrich I of Saxony)
1555 A.D. (Lucas Cranach the Younger, Die Erloesung) Link to picture
1555 A.D. (Wolfgang Strauch, “Mumplatz”: The Lansquenet’s Recreation)
1555 A.D. (Olaus Magnus, Historia de gentibus Septentrionalibus)
1556 A.D. (Circle of Giulio Clovio)
1557 A.D. (Futühat-i-Jamî, Siege of the Fortress of Temesvar (Timisoara))
1558 A.D. (Diogo Homen, Atlas, ‘South America’)
1560 A.D. (Shahname of Ferdowsi, Murder of Iraj by his brothers)
1560 A.D. (Pieter Bruegel, La Temerance) Link to picture
1563 A.D. (Donat Hübschmann, Coronation of Maximilian as King of Bohemia at Pressburg [Bratislava])
1565 A.D. (The Siege of Malta)
1565 A.D. (Majnun before Layla’s tent)
1565 A.D. (Matthäus Frank (Francus), The Siege of Malta by Turkish forces)
1565 A.D. (Hans Wolf Glaser, The Siege of Malta by Turks)
 1566 A.D. (Matthäus Frank (Francus), Zigeth Castle besieged by Turkish forces)
1566 A.D. (Soltan Bayazid b. Mir Nezam Bokhara, Camp Scene)
1567 A.D. (The Siege of Gotta)
1567 A.D. (Martin Poppe, The Siege of Gotha)
1569-1570 A.D. (Jami: Silsilatu’z-zahab (The Golden Chain))
 1570 A.D. (Wolf von Senftenberg, How to lay siege to a city)
1573 A.D. (Military operations near Middleburg, Zeeland)
1574 A.D. (Ceremonial Burial of Sultan Suleiman and five of his sons)
1575 A.D. (Dastani-i Amir Hamza (Hamza-nameh), Assad ibn Kariba attacks the army of Iraj at night)
1575 A.D. (Michael Peterle, Funeral of Suleiman II and his five brothers, strangled by order of his son at Constantinople)
1575 A.D. (Mohammadi, The Love of Majun)

4th Quarter of the 16th Century

1576 A.D. (Tobias Stimmer, The Great Shooting Match at Strassburg)
1578 A.D. (Muhammadi, ‘Life in the Country’)
1578 A.D. (Hans Mack the Elder, The Defeat of the Turks by the Persians at Vann)
1579 A.D. (Georg Mack the Elder, The Capture of Polotsk in Lithuania by Polish troops under Stephan Bathory)
1579 A.D. (Michael Manger, The Siege of Maastricht)
 1581 A.D. (John Derricke, The Image of Ireland)
1581 A.D. (Mohammadi, Throwing down the imposter)
1582 A.D. (‘Nasratnâma’ Alî of Gallipo, Lâlâ Mustafa Pasha in his encampment)
 1586 A.D. (Anthony Corthoys the Younger, The Siege of Frankfurt)
1587 A.D. (Old Military Hospital, Amsterdam, Military Life)
1588 A.D. (Lucas Mayer, Siege of Bonn)
 1589 A.D. (Lucas Mayer, Assignation of King Henry III of France by a Dominican monk at St.Cloud)
1592 A.D. (Lucas Mayer, News from Neuheuss; The Turkish Danger)
1593 A.D. (Master C.L. , Turkish Tyranny)
1595 A.D.  (Samuel Dilbaum, Death of Sultan Armurat III)
1595 A.D. (Georg Kress, The Capture of Blündenberg [Visegrad] Hungary)
1595 A.D. (Lucas Mayer, The Comet seen in Transylvania above the Turkish Command Post)
1596 A.D. (Bartholomäus Käppeler, The Capture of Calais by Duke Albrecht of Austria)
Late 16th century (The Complete Works of Sa'di)
1600 A.D. (Faramarz ibn Khudadad, Khvurshidshah visited by King Tujjar Qissa-yi Farrukhruz)
 1600 A.D. (Paras, Bullocks dragging siege guns for an attack on the Fort at Ranthambhor, Rajastan)


16th century (The soldiers in this sixteenth century wood cut maneuver for imminent battle)
16th century (Jost Amman, David and Goliath)
16th century (Jost Amman, The Bridge of Adultery)
16th century (Matthias Gerung, Confrontation between the Roman Church and the Infidels)
16th century (Hans Wandereisen, Encampment)
 16th century (Siege of a city)
16th century (Anonymous, Trained militamen and noble preparing to attack a city)
16th century (Jost Amman, The Vereidigung (The Oath Taking))
16th century (Jost Amman, Wagon Fort)
16th century (A.Hoffman, Das deutsche Soldatenbuch (The German Soldier Book))

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