The Tents of History
Part 1. 1st to 6th Century
Edited by Stephen Francis Wyley
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72 A.D. (Flavius Josephus Bellum Iudaicum)
100 A.D. (Letter from Octavius to Candidus)
100 A.D. (Report of work assignment)
113 A.D. (Trajan's Column,  the square of the Forum of Trajan, Rome) Links to pictures and other information
138-211 A.D. (Column of Antonius and the Arch of Severus)
161-180 A.D. (Hygenius Gromaticus de Munitionibus Castrorum)
1st-2nd century A.D. (Tents of the Roman Army and leather from Birdoswald)
1st-2nd century A.D. (Romeins lederwerk uit Valkenburg)
1st-2nd century A.D. (A contabernium tent)
1st-3rd century A.D. (The Barberini mosaic at Palestrina)
245 - 256 A.D. (Wall painting from the Synagoguue in Dura-Europos, Moses Striking water from the rock)
582-602 A.D. (Maurice’s Strategikon)
6th-10th century A.D. (The Three Anonymous Byzantine Military Treatises)

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