Extant Tents in the 

Istanbul Military Museum

Pictures by Steven Lowe ©.

Click on me to link to large image. Small square wall tent, removable wall.

Click on me to link to large image. Wooden base of tent pole, notice wide base and smaller insert section at other end.

Click on me to link to large image. Interior of  pavilion.
Click on me to link to large image. Roof of above pavilion.


Tents of the Roman Army and leather from Birdoswald (parts on the tent fabric).

Roman Leatherwork from Valkenburg.

The Roman Army Tent from Vindolanda.

The Oseberg Viking Ship (800 A.D.)

The Gokstad Viking Ship (900 A.D.)

Tents in the New World

17th Century Extant bell tent (Details includes; metal banner, apex detail with rings for apex guy ropes, leather gommets (roof edge and bottom edge of wall, metal hooks for guy rope attachment (crow's feet), possibly seperate wall).

Note: A friend of mine (Quarf) recently visited the Polish Military Museum in Warsaw and came across an extant Turkish tent, however it was too dark to take any photograph of good quality.

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