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New Entries.

Updates and other alterations.


19th March 2002

I have been made aware that most of my picture link to Tanya Guptil's old site need updating and will endeavour to fix them up in the near future.

Some books to look at:

Lassus, J. L'Illustration Byzantine du Livre des Rois: Vat. Gr. 333, Klincksieck, Paris, 1973.
(Book of the Kings, Byzantine Tents, pre dates the John Skylitzes Chronicle)

Teknisk Rapport. Teltene fra Oseberg af Eric Zehmke. Nr1 Lejre 1993.
(Tent report about the tents of the Oseberg Viking ship burial)

9th March 2004

Hi All,

Finally, I have made a start on adding the next lot of tent references.


8th July 2001

I  have finally finished updating all some 700+ webpages of the "History of Tents" site. Now all the links should work and not send you on a ride going nowhere (please let me know if something goes amiss, I can't fix it if I don't know about it). I have also started on my writing up all my research since I started at La Trobe University (May 2000).

I am also adding to the pages dealing with period tentage at events.


20th March 2001

As of the 31 of March 2001 will no longer be hosting the "History of Tents" because the company says it is no longer commercially viable for them to maintain free home pages. Hence, the move to create a new homepage at Something I should have done in the first place, oh well we live and we learn.


> From:
> Date:          Mon, 13 Dec 1999 06:55:10 EST
> Subject:       Re: Felt Tents and Pavilions by Prof. Peter Alford Andrews.
> To:  

> Dear Stephen,
> Re: Felt Tents and Pavilions
> Assuming that you will be reselling this book, we would offer you a 35%
> discount off the UKPP of £90.00. That is £58.50 per copy. This applies for
> orders up to10 copies.
> If you ordered 10 copies (40 kilos) the price for delivery would be £165.00.
> This is by United Parcel Service. Sending by Book Post, would be much more
> expensive as the books would have to go in more than 1 package.
> Sending 1 copy by UPS is £45.99, more or less the same as by book post.
> 1 copy by airmail printed papers would be £41.00. Max weight 5 kilos per
> package.
> 1 copy by surface mail printed papers would be £16.00. The max weight for
> this is 5 kilos, so we can only send one at a time and the delivery time is
> several weeks.
> We can accept a bank draft/cheque provided it is in sterling and drawn on a
> London bank.
> Hope this provides you with enough info.
> Best wishes,
> Alan Ball
> Fox/Melisende/London

 From:          Tanya Guptill <>
Greetings, fellow tent makers!

I know I have spoken with some of you regarding Dr. Peter
> Alford-Andrews, a British professor (teaching in Germany) who has his
> doctorate in tent history.  Some of you have seen his last book, Nomad
> Tent Types of the Middle East (the two-volumed green cover one which
> often travels with me), and if you have, you are already familiar with
> the exceptional caliber of his reserach.
> He wrote today, to say that his long-awaited next one, Felt Tents and
> Pavilions, is going to press this month, and will be availabe shortly.
> It is twenty-seven years of research in two volumes, 20 maps, and 1442
> pages(no, that's not a typo) and is primarily  "..draws primarily on
> historical texts (Mongolian, Persian, Arabic, Turkish) plus the accounts
> of early European travellers, backed up by visual material whenever it
> was available, especially Persian and Moghul book paintings."  I asked
> him specifically if this was going to have quite a bit of yurt
> information, and he confirms it does.  For more information, there is
> the full quote from him on my page at
> I feel kind of odd putting forth a commercial announcement like this, so
> just wanted you to know that I am not involved in any part of the book's
> sales, and just thought you might be interested.
> Mira

New Entries for 2002

2nd Half of the 13th Century (Sammlung moralisch-didaktischer Schriften in Latein und Altvenezianisch)(20/1/2002)

Updates and other alterations for 2002

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