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13th 14th 15th 16th 17th 18th

13th century

 1225-1235 A.D. (Assemblies (Maqâmât) of al Harîrî)
1227 A.D. (The Siege of Savone)
1250 A.D. (The Maciejowsky Bible)
13th century (Henry III landing in Aquitaine with his retinue)
13th century (Historie de Jerusalem)
 13th century (Guillaume de Tyr, Historie de Jerusalem, The Fall of Jerusalem)

14th century

1312 - 1317 A.D. (Scenes from the Life of St Marttin (St. Martin Renounces his Weapons)
Cappella di San Martino of San Fancesco, Assisi)  Link to picture
1328 A.D. (Simone Martinis fresco of Guidoriccio da Fogliano at the Siege of Monte Massi) Link to picture
1400 A.D. (Grandes Chroniques de France)  Link to pictures
1400 A.D. (Bible History of the Jews)
14th century (Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris. ms verandas 12559)
14th century (William of Tyr, Saintes Chroniques d’Outremer, The Battle of Dorylaeum)
14th century (Bodleian Library, Oxford, MS Bodl. 264, fol 22r)
 14th - 15th century (Chess in front of a pavilionn) Link to picture

15th century

 14th - 15th century (Chess in front of a pavilionn) Link to picture
1418-19 A.D. (Vigiles de Charles VII)
1443 A.D. (The Conquest of Pisa)
Mid 15th century (Besieging a fortified city)
1450 A.D. (Girart Master, ‘The Storming of Jerusalem’, Chronique de Jerusalem)
1450-1460s A.D. (De Sphera, (a) fol. 7v, The Planet Mars)
1455 A.D. (The Siege of Constantinople)
1455-1465 A.D. (Judith Taking Holoferne’s Head)
1456-1459 A.D. (Avis Directif pour faire la passage d’Outremer)
1460 A.D. (Bible of Evert Zoudenbalch)
1460 A.D. (Burgundian camp scene)
1460-1470 A.D. (‘The Story of the Vengeance of Our Lord’)
1465 A.D.(King Rene of Anjou, Le Cueur d' Amours Espris (The book of the Heart Possessed by Love)) Link to pictures
1471 A.D. (Frontin, Livre des Stratagemes)
1470's (Chroniques de Angleterre)
About 1475 A.D.(The wagenburg of the Hussite Wars from Das Mittelateriche Hausbuch)Link to picture
1475 A.D. (The assault on Ribodane, "Life and Times of Henry V ")
 1480 A.D. (Diebold Schilling’s ‘Amtliche Chronicle’)
1483 A.D. (Anon., ‘A woman feeds, then mourns her soldier lover)
1489 A.D. (Hans Memlinc, The Shrine of Saint Ursula)
1490 A.D. (Guillaume Caoursin, Siege of Rhodes, Descriptio Obsidionis Rhodiae urbis)
1495 A.D. (Anonymous, The Battle of Fornovo
15th century (An early cannon using stone shot ammunition)
15th century (Jean Froissart, Chroniques de Froissart) Link to pictures
15th century (Chroniques de Charles VII)
15th century (Besieging a fortress with longbows and cavalry)
15th century (Boccaccio’s Decameron)
15th century (French army of the 15th century)
15th century (King Minos' retreat after his unsuccessful siege of Athens)

16th century

 Early 16th century (The Storming of Nantes) Link to picture
1502-1506 A.D. (The Siege of Dole from the Life of Saint Anatoile)
1505 A.D. (‘Maximilian in a Park of Artillery’)
1507 A.D. (Niklaus Manuel, ‘Young Halberdier and Siege Scene’)
1510 A.D. (Wolf Traut, Surrender of Dole (1479))
 1512 A.D. (Master of History, ‘The Second Expedition into Flanders’)
1512 A.D. (Albrecht Altdorfer, ‘The Utrecht Campaign’)
       1513 A.D. (Henry VII and Maximilian I meet at the Battle of the Spurs)
1513 A.D. (The Battle of Novara)
Before 1515 A.D. (Master of History, The Betrothal of the Children of Maximillian and Charles the Bold)
1515 A.D. (Hans Burgkmair, The Elder.  Judith in the Camp of Holofernes)
1519 A.D. (Albrecht Dürer, ‘Siege of Hohenspern’)
1520 A.D. (Two pike schiltrons clash in this German wood cut) Link to picture
1520 A.D. (Three Designs for Royal Tents)
1522 A.D. (Hans Sebald Beham,  The Siege of Rhodes)
1525 A.D. (John Lydgate, ‘The Siege of Thebes, and Other Works’)
1525 A.D. (J. Breu, the Elder, The Battle of Pavia)
1525 A.D. (Jost De Negker,  Ebernburg Castle)
  1525 A.D. (The Battle of Pavia)
1525 A.D. (The Battle of Pavia, Frundsberg defends the forces of Francis I)
1525 A.D. (Hans Schaufelein, The Battle of Pavia)
 1526 A.D (Giovanni Andrea Vavassore, The Siege of Pavia)
1526 A.D. (Hans (Leonhard) Schäufelein, The Battle of Pavia)
1527 A.D. (School of Joachim Patinier, The Battle of Pavia)
1529 A.D. (Ruprecht Heller, ‘The Battle of Pavia’)
1529 A.D. (Hans Sebald Beham, The Siege of Vienna)
1529 A.D. (Lucas Cranach, The Elder, The Old and New Testament)
1529 A.D. (Albrecht Altdorfer, ‘The Battle of Issus’)
1530 A.D. (Jean de Bueil, ‘Le jouvencel’)
1530 A.D. (Wolf Huber, ‘The Battle of Pavia’)
1530 A.D. (Jörg Brue, ‘The Battle of Zama’)
1530 A.D. (Hans Sebald Beham, Entry of Emperor Charles into Munich)
1530 A.D. (J. Breu, The Elder, The Investiture of King Ferdinand I )
1530 A.D. (Georg Pencz, Bridge of Adultery)
1530 A.D. (Hans (Leonhard) Schäufelein, The Battle of Betulia)
1530 A.D. (Anonymous, The Battle of Pavia)
1530 A.D. (Unknown artist, The Battle of the Spurs
1532 A.D. (Hans (Leonhard) Schäufelein, Battle with the Turks)
1533 A.D. (Erhard Schoen, Siege of Betulia)
1533 A.D. (Erhard Schoen, War between Dogs, Cats, Mice and Rats)
1535 A.D. (Erhard Schoen, Army Train)
 1535 A.D. (Erhard Schoen, Siege of Münster)
1535 A.D. (Erhard Schoen, Bird’s Eye view of Tunis)
1535 A.D. (Melchior Feselen, The Siege of Alesia)
1536 A.D. (Erhard Schoen, The Siege of Munster)
1540 A.D. (Niklas Stoer, Two Cannons)
 1541 A.D. (J. Breu, The Younger, The Siege of Algiers)
1541 A.D. (Erhard Schoen, Siege of Budapest)
 1542 A.D. (Lucas Cranach, The Younger, The Siege of Wolfenbüttel)
1543 A.D. (H. Vogtherr, the Elder, Judith and the Holofernes)
 1544 A.D. (The Camping of the King at Morgvison, at the Siege of Boulogne)
1544 A.D. (The Siege of Boulogne by Henry VIII) Link to picture
1545 A.D. (The Cowdray Engraving of the Solent Battle)
1545 A.D. (Artist Unknown, Field of the Cloth of Gold)
1547 A.D. (Master M.S., Bivouac of Emperor Charles V near Wittenberg)
1550 A.D. (Italian, Pageant Shield)
 1550-1575 A.D. (Circle of Giulio Clovio)
1551 A.D. (Sebald Mayer, The Miraculous Stream of Walkershofen)
1552 A.D. (Hans Adam, The Law was given us by Moses and Grace and Truth by Jesus Christ)
1552 A.D. (Master C.S. , The Siege of Metz)
1553 A.D. (Heylreich Zeell, Siege and Capture of the City of Thérouanne)
 1553 A.D. (Hans Glaser, The Siege of the city of Hof)
1554 A.D. (Master H.M., History of Duke Johann Friedrich I of Saxony)
1555 A.D. (Die Erloesung by Lucas Cranach the Younger) Link to picture
1555 A.D. (Wolfgang Strauch, “Mumplatz”: The Lansquenet’s Recreation)
1556 A.D. (Circle of Giulio Clovio)
1563 A.D. (Donat Hübschmann, Coronation of Maximilian as King of Bohemia at Pressburg [Bratislava])
1565 A.D. (The Siege of Malta)
1565 A.D. (Hans Wolf Glaser, The Siege of Malta by Turks)
 1566 A.D. (Matthäus Frank (Francus), Zigeth Castle besieged by Turkish forces)
1567 A.D. (The Siege of Gotta)
 1570 A.D. (Wolf von Senftenberg, How to lay siege to a city)
 1576 A.D. (Tobias Stimmer, The Great Shooting Match at Strassburg)
1579 A.D. (Michael Manger, The Siege of Maastricht)
 1581 A.D. (Derricke's, The Image of Ireland)
 1586 A.D. (Anthony Corthoys the Younger, The Siege of Frankfurt)
1588 A.D. (Lucas Mayer, Siege of Bonn)
 1589 A.D. (Lucas Mayer, Assignation of King Henry III of France by a Dominican monk at St.Cloud)
1592 A.D. (Lucas Mayer, News from Neuheuss; The Turkish Danger)
1593 A.D. (Master C.L. , Turkish Tyranny)
1595 A.D.  (Samuel Dilbaum, Death of Sultan Armurat III)
 1595 A.D. (Georg Kress, The Capture of Blündenberg [Visegrad] Hungary)
1595 A.D. (Lucas Mayer, The Comet seen in Transylvania above the Turkish Command Post)
1596 A.D. (Bartholomäus Käppeler, The Capture of Calais by Duke Albrecht of Austria)
 1600 A.D. (Paras, Bullocks dragging siege guns for an attack on the Fort at Ranthambhor, Rajastan)

16th century (The soldiers in this sixteenth century wood cut maneuver for imminent battle)
 16th century (Jost Amman, The Bridge of Adultery)
16th century (Hans Wandereisen, Encampment)
 16th century (Jost Amman, Wagon Fort)
 16th century (A.Hoffman, Das deutsche Soldatenbuch (The German Soldier Book))

17th century

1628 A.D. (Williem Akersloot, The Siege of Harlem)
1633 A.D. (Jacques Callot, Misères et Malheurs de la Guerre)
1639 A.D. (Pieter Snayers, Battle of Thionville)

18th century


14th century ? (Mêlée in the lists)
Late Medieval (The Siege of Damascus)
1471 - 1528 A.D. (Drawing by Albrecht Dürer))
1493 - 1533 (Lukas iz Lajdena)
1520's (Jacob Cornelisz van Oostsanen, ‘David and Abigail’)
1548-50 A.D. ? (The English Cavalry Attack the Scots at the Battle of Pinke)
16th century ? (A royal tapestry, of Spain depicting Spanish Galleys off Tunis)
16th century ? (artillery emplacement)

Under Investigation

1360 A.D. Italian camp.
14th - 15th century Provenance unknown.
15th century Italian treatise on Military Engineering, 'De Machinis' by Paolo Santini (Lat. MS. 7229, Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris, (13v-14r)
? Anonymous, Italian Biblical Illustration

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