The Tents of History

Part 15. Tent Type Index

Edited by Stephen Francis Wyley

 Wall tents

1st & 2nd 13th 15th 16th17th 18th

1st & 2nd century

1st-2nd century A.D. (Romeins lederwerk uit Valkenburg)
1st-2nd century A.D. (A contabernium tent)
113 A.D. (Trajan's Column,  the square of the Forum of Trajan, Rome) Links to pictures and other information
161-180 A.D. (Hygenius Gromaticus de Munitionibus Castrorum)
245 - 256 A.D. (Wall painting from the Synagoguue in Dura-Europos, Moses Striking water from the rock)

13th century
1270 A.D. (Psautier de St.Louis) Link to picture  (15/7/01)

15th century

1493 A.D. (Vittore Carpaccio, Arrival in Cologne)

16th century

1519 A.D. (Albrecht Dürer, ‘Siege of Hohenspern’)
 1529 A.D. (Last days of the Turkish siege of Vienna)
1529 A.D. (Lucas Cranach, The Elder, The Old and New Testament)
1530 A.D. (Unknown artist, The Battle of the Spurs
1539-1543 A.D. (Mir Sayyid Ali, Majnun being brought by a beggar women to Laila’s tent) Link to picture
1540 A.D. (Mir Sayyid Ali, Life in the City and Life in the Camp) Link to picture
1544 A.D. (The Camping of the King at Morgvison, at the Siege of Boulogne)
1544 A.D. (The Siege of Boulogne by Henry VIII) Link to picture
1545 A.D. (The Cowdray Engraving of the Solent Battle)
1549 A.D. (Hans Mielich, Encampment at Ingolstadt)
1563 A.D. (Donat Hübschmann, Coronation of Maximilian as King of Bohemia at Pressburg [Bratislava])
1575 A.D. (Dastani-i Amir Hamza (Hamza-nameh), Assad ibn Kariba attacks the army of Iraj at night)
1600 A.D. (Paras, Bullocks dragging siege guns for an attack on the Fort at Ranthambhor, Rajastan)

17th century

1643-46 A.D. (The De Bry Recension Bible, Isfahan 1643 - 46
1650 A.D. (Payne Fisher, Battle of Dunbar)

18th century


Renaissance (Alfonso, Duke of Calabria, and his troops march into the town of Colle)

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