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Part 15. Tent Type Index

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 Wedge tents


7th century

800 A.D. (The Oseberg Viking Ship)

9th century

820 A.D. (The Utrecht Psalter)
9th century (Ashburnham Pentateuch)
9th century (Concordia ordering the standards into camp)
900 A.D. (The Gokstad Viking Ship)

10th century

924 A.D. (Book of Maccabees, from St.Gall)
10th century (Canterbury Psalter)
10th century (Liber Sacramentorum)
10th -11th century (Psychomachia of Prudentius)

11th century

11th century A.D. (Ælfric Pentateuch)
11th century A.D. (The Bury Psalter)
11th century A.D. (The Harley Psalter)

12th century

1155 - 1160 A.D. (The Eadwine Psalter)

13th century

14th century

1314 A.D. (Rashid al-Din’s Jami al-Tawaikh)   Link to picture
1370 A.D. (Hanging scene, Hazine 2153)
 Late 14th century (Mythistorima Tou Alexandrou (The Alexander Romance))

15th century

1460 A.D. (Giovanni Bettini, Bodleian Library, Oxford, MS Canon. Class lat. 81) Link to picture
About 1475 A.D.(The wagenburg of the Hussite Wars from Das Mittelateriche Hausbuch)Link to picture
1485 A.D. (Camp scene, attributed here to Shãh-Mozaffar, from a Layla and Majnun by Amir ‘Ali-Shir Navã’i)
15th century (Titus Livy, “Ab urbe condita”)

16th century

 1512 A.D. (Master of History, ‘The Second Expedition into Flanders’)
 1525 A.D. (The Battle of Pavia, Frundsberg defends the forces of Francis I)
 1529 A.D. (Last days of the Turkish siege of Vienna)
1529 A.D. (Hans Sebald Beham, The Siege of Vienna)
1530 A.D. (Unknown artist, The Battle of the Spurs
1535 A.D. (Melchior Feselen, The Siege of Alesia)
1539-1543 A.D. (Mir Sayyid Ali, Majnun being brought by a beggar women to Laila’s tent) Link to picture
1540 A.D. (Mir Sayyid Ali, Life in the City and Life in the Camp) Link to picture
1547 A.D. (Master M.S., Bivouac of Emperor Charles V near Wittenberg)
 1550-1575 A.D. (Circle of Giulio Clovio)
1551 A.D. (Sebald Mayer, The Miraculous Stream of Walkershofen)
1552 A.D. (Master C.S. , The Siege of Metz)
1553 A.D. (Heylreich Zeell, Siege and Capture of the City of Thérouanne)
 1553 A.D. (Hans Glaser, The Siege of the city of Hof)
1558 A.D. (Diogo Homen, Atlas, ‘South America’)
1565 A.D. (Hans Wolf Glaser, The Siege of Malta by Turks)
1575 A.D. (Mohammadi, The Love of Majun)
1579 A.D. (Michael Manger, The Siege of Maastricht)
1581 A.D. (Mohammadi, Throwing down the imposter)
 16th century (Siege of a city)
 16th century (Jost Amman, The Vereidigung (The Oath Taking))
16th century (Jost Amman, Wagon Fort)
 16th century (A.Hoffman, Das deutsche Soldatenbuch (The German Soldier Book))

17th century

1613 A.D. (A siege battery from a French artillery treatise published in 1613)
1614 A.D. Reza-e Abbasi Esfahan, Makhzanol - Asrar of Haydar-e Kharazmi
1615 A.D (Peter Iselburg, 'Neues Soldaten Buchlein')
1630 A.D. ("Wollgastum", the Swedish siege of Wolgast )
1639 A.D. (Pieter Snayers, Battle of Thionville)
1650 A.D. (Payne Fisher, Battle of Dunbar)
1633 A.D. (Jacques Callot, Misères et Malheurs de la Guerre)
 17th century (Conquests of Louis XIV, Bivouac scene. Tapestry.)

18th century


Renaissance (Alfonso, Duke of Calabria, and his troops march into the town of Colle)
1431 - 1506 (Andrea Mantenja, 'Judita')
16th century ? (A royal tapestry, of Spain depicting Spanish Galleys off Tunis)
16th century ? (artillery emplacement)

Under Investigation

15th century Italian treatise on Military Engineering, 'De Machinis' by Paolo Santini (Lat. MS. 7229, Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris, (13v-14r)


Replica wedge tents used in the UK.

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