The Tents of History

Part 15. Tent Type Index

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13th 14th 15th 16th 17th 18th

13th century

1225-1235 A.D. (Assemblies (Maqâmât) of al Harîrî)
13th century (The Encampment of Jenghis Khan) Link to picture

14th century

14th century (Mongol Court) Link to picture
14th century ? (Timur within a royal garden)

15th century

1469 A.D. (Coronation of Soltãn Hosayn Mirzã Bãyqarã)
 1486 A.D.(Golestãn of Sa’di, The Traveler and the Dervish)
1494 A.D (Mirak, Teymur Enthroned)
 15th century ? (Timur the Lame being entertained near Samarkand) Link to picture

16th century

1520 - 1530 A.D. (Qadimi, The Court of Faridun)<
 1522 A.D. (Muzaffar Ali, nephew of Master Bihzad, ‘Laila and Majnum’)
 1530 A.D. (Mirza Àli, Preparing for the “Joust of the Twelve Rooks”)
1539-1543 A.D. (Mir Sayyid Ali, Majnun being brought by a beggar women to Laila’s tent) Link to picture
1540 A.D. (Mir Sayyid Ali, Life in the City and Life in the Camp) Link to picture
Mid 16th century (The Life of Desert Nomads - Persian)
2nd Half 16th century (Princely Reception - Persian)
1560 A.D. (Shahname of Ferdowsi, Murder of Iraj by his brothers)
1565 A.D. (Majnun before Layla’s tent)
1569-1570 A.D. (Jami: Silsilatu’z-zahab (The Golden Chain))
1575 A.D. (Mohammadi, The Love of Majun)
1600 A.D. (Paras, Bullocks dragging siege guns for an attack on the Fort at Ranthambhor, Rajastan)
 Late 16th century (The Complete Works of Sa'di)

17th century


18th century

Under investigation

Persian Tents From an article by Steven and Amanda Baker.

Yurt Provenance unknown.

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