The Tents of History

Part 14. Unknowns

Edited by Stephen Francis Wyley

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13th century ? (A Byzantine icon showing the Saba Monastery)
13th century? (History of the World)
13th century ? (Ivory showing people play chess in a bell tent)
13th century ? (Le Livre des diversites et merveilles du monde)
13th century ? (Map showing the Expedition organized by St Louis)

1387 - 1456 A.D. (János Hunyàdi)<

14th century ? (Mêlée in the lists)
14th century ? (Timur within a royal garden)

14th - 15th century (Chess in front of a paviliion) Link to picture

Later Middle Ages (Ilias Ambrosiana)

Renaissance (Alfonso, Duke of Calabria, and his troops march into the town of Colle)

Late Medieval (The Siege of Damascus)

15th century ? (A knight in training, playing a ‘game’ called quintain)
15th century ? (Defeat of the Turks before Antioch (Bibliothèque Nationale, ms 5594))
15th century ? (English ms, Provenance Unknown)
15th century ? (Timur the Lame being entertained near Samarkand) Link to picture
15th century (Tents on wagons in a parade)

15th century? (Fleet of Crusaders before the Coast of the Holy Land)
 15th century ? (The Commander of Châteauneuf du Randon Surrending his keys to Bertrand du Guesclin) Link to Picture
1431 - 1506 (Andrea Mantenja, 'Judita')

1471 - 1528 A.D. (Drawing by Albrecht Düreer)

1493 - 1533 (Lucas Van Leyden, Lot and his daugghter)

1520's (Jacob Cornelisz van Oostsanen, ‘David and Abigail’)
1548-50 A.D. ? (The English Cavalry Attack the Scots at the Battle of Pinke)

16th century ? (A royal tapestry, of Spain depicting Spanish Galleys off Tunis)
16th century ? (Artillery emplacement)
16th century ? (Book of Festivals)
16th century ? (Ms. Hazine)
16th century ? (Sultan Suleiman besieges Bucharest)
16th century ? (The Ottoman Sultan Suleiman crosses to Baghdad)
 16th century ? (Russian Icon) Link to Picture

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