Best Friends in Music and in Life!

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-Lively, informative STAGE SHOWS.

-STROLLING the grounds or dining area-- MUSIC ON THE MOVE!

-Onstage with over 10 old-time musical instruments!

-Light, gentle BACKGROUND MUSIC.

-LIVING HISTORY programs--with Period costumes to fit the Music.

-We are available ANY time -- during the week &/or weekends!

Campgrounds, Festivals, Holiday Parties, Conventions, Libraries, Picnics, Places of Worship, Retirement Homes, Parks, Museums, Elementary Schools, Barn Dances, Receptions, Fairs

Feel free to contact us via E-mail (Address below, OR:

I usually check-in Tuesday mornings on this Public Library computer. IF you do not hear back from us right away, PLEASE try again -- as sometimes even computer messages don't go through. (And sometimes WE, 7 miles outside of Town, get snowed-in; or all the Town kids beat us to the computer sign-up sheet; or whatever...) THANKS!! World Peace; Love; & Tunes to ALL!! Liza & Mark--"Best Friends in Music--& in Life!!" 


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