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Get a sample of what Liza and Mark do from your own home! Below are several MP3's of their songs, and more will be added soon in Real Audio format! These songs are taken from two of their cassette releases, "Playmates," and "Better Hopes -- For Tomorrow."
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Note: These files are in MP3 format, which means you can download the songs and listen to them at your leisure, or listen to them once. If you're using Windows 95 or 98, a dialog box should pop up asking you if you want to save the file to a disc or open it. Save to download to your hard drive and listen again and again; open it to hear the song once. Either way, the song will be downloaded into a temporary file on your computer, and this may take a few minutes, depending upon the speed of your connection.
Please see the Tapes Page to order one of Liza and Mark's full-length recordings!

New Samples! 

These 5 new full-length MP3's were recorded at the David Rogers Days Living History Festival on August 25 & 26, 2001, and appear here courtesy of the David Rogers Memorial Park in LaGrange, Indiana. They are part of a CD compilation of music from the 2001 festival, "Sunshine and Rain." Write care of the LaGrange County Parks, 114 W. Washington St., LaGrange, IN, 46761 (Phone 260-499-6351).

David Rogers Days Festival MP3's:

Paper of Pins

Chippewa Red Blanket Song

Shady Grove

Du Gannon

Ye Banks and Breas


MP3's From Liza & Mark's Albums:

Barrelin' Thro the Mountains & China Autumn (MP3 format) (from "Better Hopes for Tomorrow")

Better Hopes for Tomorrow (MP3 format)(from "Better Hopes for Tomorrow")

Gathering Peascods (MP3 format)(from "Better Hopes for Tomorrow")

Shady Grove & Cluck Old Hen (MP3 format)(from "Better Hopes for Tomorrow")

Simple Gifts(MP3 format)(from "Better Hopes for Tomorrow")

The Kirn (MP3 format)(from "Better Hopes for Tomorrow")

Wabash Cannonball (MP3 format)(from "Playmates")

World of Difference (MP3 format)(from "Better Hopes for Tomorrow")

It's Nice to Get Up in the Morning (MP3 format)(from "Playmates")