Is under construction... but to make it up to you wasting your time... me and Edwin have taken our time to host some movies and trailer on other sites. We're also working on getting our whole movies hosted. Until then, IM me at tEHsEXYnESS or to a lesser extent, Edwin at exit the wizard. Thank you.
LiL Retarded Hulk
Starring Erwin Cabuco, Edwin DeJesus, Paul Everett, and Gerard Mendoza.
Our hero is ambushed by some thugs....
MIRROR 1              MIRROR 2
Erwin Gets PWNED
Starring Erwin Cabuco and Paul's ass
Our daring hero goes for the danger...
MIRROR 1            MIRROR 2
The Brawler Trailer
Starring Paul Everett, Kris Sinsuan, and the kids of Bonita View
A new Hit Points hero... The Brawler! The trailer to our acclaimed yet unfinished film
MIRROR 1           MIRROR 2
Erwin Cabuco is Shadow Shinobi
Starring Erwin Cabuco, Kris Sinsuan, and Edwin DeJesus
Erwin's greatest hero character to date. He is the Shadow Shinobi... he smokes.
Dream Match Prt. 1
The latest movie from HP. All the characters from previous shorts unreleased and released make their appearance here!
MIRROR 1             MIRROR 2