Author's Notes

This is a fan fiction on Chibiusa in the future. It consists of 5 series, 3 versions, and a ton of parodies. It takes primarily in Crystal Tokyo and follows Chibiusa's growing up as Small Lady from where the BSSM story let off. It is complex, and multilayered.

All facts will be accurate to make sure that the parody to the changes to the series is clear. There will be no major quirks to the plot to "spice it up". (plots such as Minako really being the Queen of Crystal Tokyo) It also will parody the companies that got involved with the Sailor Moon project in Japan and North America.

Several notes should be taken on this fan fiction. They are as follows.

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-ALL JAPANESE NAMES are in Japanese form (at least for the Japanese versions of the fan fiction, to match accordingly)

- Since this fan fiction takes place in the future, all future names will be used.

    * Chibiusa will be called Small Lady

    * Minako, Rei, Makoto, Ami, Setsuna, Hotaru, Michiru, and Haruka by their Sailor Names

    * Usagi is Neo-Queen Selenity (Serena is Neo-Queen Selenity)

    * Mamoru is King Endymion

- Part of the Stats were made up for these characters:
Sailor Ceres
Sailor Vesta
Sailor Juno
Sailor Pallas
Remember that the Asteriod Senshi (Sailor Quartet) are not just purely made up, but from the manga (volume 15, page 126) and therefore their images aren't designed by me either. But their domestic names and almost everything else is made up. (this is all marked in their character stats on the Fan fiction character sectoion of this site.)

- I took the time to ask people to base some of the Characters on that show up in BSSCME - BSSCMAngels. Their characters belong to them and also to me. Any taking of the characters will not be only a violation of copyright, but also considered kidnapping Internet style, and will not be tolerated. They characters will always have to be used with permission, unless you are based on that character. No exceptions will be made.

- It is best to know ALL of the BSSM episodes BEFORE reading this fan fiction, otherwise you might miss some of the subtle jokes and some of the characterization. (At least up to the Japanese episodes BSSMSS) It doesn't hurt to know the dub either and have a good background in the news of Sailor Moon for the last few years though it's not completely necessary.

- Everything is starting over as if this was a new series. The anime will start from 1 as will the manga.

- If you have trouble finding something on this fan fiction the parody pages should help somewhat as well as the character pages that you will find above the list of the series.

- Since there are three versions of this fan fiction, one of the series had to play catch up with the manga to make sure that the plotlines could be more uniform. Hence BSSCMF: Catch up Episodes/ Filler was made. This is to bring manga elements smoothly into the anime without sudden interuption and a proper anime welcome. It has no other function and can be called somewhat unncessariy, especially to those who know the manga.

-I also mixed in some Usagi Honeymoon stories in the spirit of the Chibiusa Picture Diaries. In the mix too, are some stories about the Sailor Quartet in the spirit of the Exam Battles also found in the manga.

- Demands for the story before it's finished, and demands for other things relating to this fan fiction before completeion will be happily deleted!

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Animanga Palace Courtyard / Moonlight Tower / Reading By Moonlight / Sailor Chibimoon Fan Fiction

Disclaimer: Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon (and Sailor Moon), is copyright of Takeuchi Naoko, Nakayoshi, Kodansha Inc., Toei Entertainment, Asahi TV, Bandai, Mixx Entertainment Inc., DiC, Irwin and Cloverway Inc. I am NOT doing this for money, just entertainment and because I happen to love Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. Oh, and Princess Takeuchi Naoko is great! Thank you Takeuchi-sensei for creating Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon! Anybody out there have that in Japanese?

Copyright: This is my property and therefore no one may take it in part or whole unless they ask permission or I give it out. All pictures relating to the created senshi are my copyright and my property. You may not take anything associating with this page without expressed permission of the artists or author. The people who the new soldiers are based have the right to use the character based on them as they wish (but need to ask permission for the other soldiers). The only person allowed to ever allowed to plagiarize this fan fiction is Takeuchi Naoko, creator of the wonderful ORIGINAL Sailor Moon. It would be an HONOR is she did.