Sailor Chibimoon Fanfic Characters

This contains the profiles of all the new senshi and modifications on the classic ones! The majority (but not all) of the characters are based on real people (mostly my friends). Their character is a skeleton of them or how they wish to be, or how they would be faced with those situations. So therefore the characters may use their own personal statistics, but are far from the wonderful real people. You can have fun trying to figure out which is which and if you know them.

Because I based the majority of the characters on someone real, they get partial ownership of their character, and can do what they want with them as they please... but they must ask both the permission of me and the other characters involved to use the other characters based on a real person in their group.

If anyone in anyway is caught stealing any character that I created, you will have probably all the people that I based their characters on breathing down your neck. So keep your grimy hands off unless you have permission (or want trouble).

These are hosted on my domain, so I can use php on these. Just a note. You should be able to get back by hitting back or the URL's provided to you.

As with all my pages: ALL NAMES in Japanese are in Japanese form. (Family Name FIRST Given Name LAST)

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The Sailor Quartet

Sailor Ceres

Sailor Vesta

Sailor Juno

Sailor Pallas

Note: The stats are from the orginal Manga and anime... some of them. Things such as the Seiyuu, and some of the attributes are. I'll be marking them up in the future to show what is from the original versions and what are not.

Additions that have been made
Sailor Chibimoon- a few notes have to be made on this character, so I am providing them here.
Priest Elios- a few notes on this character also have to be made. I'm thinking of Naming him for his reincarnation Yumeda Haruhiko.
Sailor Saturn- older and stronger.. though I think she'd be annoyed by this time dieing again!

The Extra Senshi done by groups:

The Career Senshi

Prince Corypheus

Princess Hypatia

Sailor Rebi

Sailor Seneate

Sailor Ud

Sailor Sershi

Sailor Nerju

Sailor Asershi

The Spectrum Senshi
Prince Castan
Princess Aurore- Sailor Cadmium
Sailor Silvet-
Sailor Virdent- Haeno Keikan
Sailor Cerule-
Sailor Viola-
Sailor Rouge-
Sailor Arancio-
Sailor Indigo-

The ExtraS senshi done by groups:

The Talent Senshi(muses as senshi)
Prince Lyrius- Tuxedo Suiji
Princess Nemose- Sailor Kallise, Soldier of Reading
Sailor Thalia- Soldier of Comedy
Sailor Clio- Soldier of Science
Sailor Euterpe- Soldier of Music and Charm

The Animal Senshi
Prince- Iyasu
Princess- Kinaga
Guardian Oushi

The Angels senshi done by groups:

The Seraphin Senshi:

The Inner Seraphin Senshi

Prince Asclepius

Princess Eurynome

Sailor Rina- the leader of the group.

Sailor Kyra (light)

Sailor Acaste (Chastity)

Salior Mecaena- (friendship)

Sailor Psyche- (life and the soul)

The Outer Seraphin Senshi
Sailor Eos- The senshi of Creation
Sailor Theia- The senshi of Preservation
Sailor Nyx- The senshi of Extermination

The Seraphin Guardians

Buta- The cat that sorta looks like a pig

Hikage- the black wolf that protects Mitsukai

Guardian Souzoh The guardian of Avalon

The Faeries- Guard the land of Avalon

The Generals

Kashi Yuurei

Kenno Karasu

Ryu Naoru

Kukan Kanshisha

Raise Shinjiru

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Disclaimer: Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon (and Sailor Moon), is copyright of Takeuchi Naoko, Nakayoshi, Kodansha Inc., Toei Entertainment, Asahi TV, Bandai, Mixx Entertainment Inc., DiC, Irwin and Cloverway Inc. I am NOT doing this for money, just entertainment and because I happen to love Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. Oh, and Princess Takeuchi Naoko is great! Thank you Takeuchi-sensei for creating Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon! Anybody out there have that in Japanese?

Copyright: This is my property and therefore no one may take it in part or whole unless they ask permission or I give it out. All pictures relating to the created senshi are my copyright and my property. You may not take anything associating with this page without expressed permission of the artists or author. The people who the new soldiers are based have the right to use the character based on them as they wish (but need to ask permission for the other soldiers). The only person allowed to ever allowed to plagiarize this fan fiction is Takeuchi Naoko, creator of the wonderful ORIGINAL Sailor Moon. It would be an HONOR is she did.