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I don't know about you but lots of the enemies wear less than the senshi... ever notice that. So I wouldn't get offended if the enemies are wearing *ahem* less than the good guys. This will be filled out as the episodes they star in are filled out. The enemy stats have more spoilers than the Sailor Senshi Stats. It does provide infomration on puns and such things and perhaps soething you missed in the reading of the fanfcition.

SCMN (New Moon)

MOTD Name: Gall

Premise: A child falls under a spell and is now trying to kill Small Lady. She's now a spoiled brat.

Final Battle: Chibimoon has died, it's now up to the Sailor Quartet to finally pull together and fight Coral.

Attacks and theming: Mostly toys and various things. It's not a season that has to be united because it's based on the seasons Toei did alone.

Coral Cabachon- The spoiled, evil, little brat that wants EVERYTHING that Small Lady does.

Onyx Cabachon- The mother of Coral who after a calamaty now follows her daughther's orders.

Iolite Cabachon- The father of Coral who after a calamaty now follows her daughther's orders.

Gall Rattler- Episode 1

Gall Rubber Chicken- Episode 2

Gall Monkey- Episode 3

Gall Gaffe- Episode 4 (social blunder or faux pas) attacks Venus

Gall Gendarme- Episode 5 (A member of the French national police organization constituting a branch of the armed forces with responsibility for general law enforcement.) Attacks Mars

Gall galvanite- Epiosde 6 (eletric shock) attacks Jupiter

Gall Orpheus- Episode 7 attacks Mercury

Gall School Marm- Episode 8

Gall Rubik'S Cube- Episode 9

Gall Bairn

Gall Elf

Gall Nymph

Gall Puppet

Gall Fiddlestick

SCMG (Guardian)

MOTD Name: Crystallis Premise: Empress Lazuli is trying to take over Crystal Tokyo. She's from Black Tokyo which is a Parallel dimension. Sailor Chibimoon must battle look alikes and know who are her true friends.

Final Battle: Sailor Chibimoon must take down Empress Lazuli and recover the other senshi.

Attacks and theming: Crystal and chemistry kind of things. New Age Gemology stuff. It deals with the other side of the moon. Parallelism.


Empress Lazuli

Daimyou Aventurine- One of the Lords under Lazuli's control.

Amber- a crystallis

Jade- a crystallis

Bloodstone- a crystallis

Amethyst- a crystallis

Daimyou Demantiod- One of the Lords under Lazuli's control.

Obsidian- a crystallis

Aquamarine- a crystallis

Opal- a crystallis

Daimyou Spectrolite- One of the Lords under Lazuli's control.

Moonstone- a crystallis

Agate- a crystallis

Daimyou Amazonite- One of the Lords under Lazuli's control.

Topaz- a crystallis

Sodalite- a crystallis

Carnelian- a crystallis

Tourmaline- a crystallis

Daimyou Quartz- One of the Lords under Lazuli's control.

Ametrine- a crystallis

Heliodar- a crystallis

Sodalite- a crystallis

Daimyou Cats eye- One of the Lords under Lazuli's control.

SCME (Extra)

MOTD Name: Mononoke


Final Battle:

Attacks and theming: This season deals with loss of innocence and freedoms. Using Japanese demons, devils, etc. ^_^


Shiroi Kitsune- White Fox





Yuki Onna (The Snow Mother) A beautiful and malicious spirit who appears to travelers along frigid mountain roads as a pale and fragile young woman dressed in fur and carrying a bundle in her arms. When she encounters a hapless wayfarer, she will approach, teary-eyed, and beg him to hold her baby. If he is foolish enough to take the bundle she offers, his blood will instantly be frozen to ice.

Yama Uba




Hannya / Yasha


SCMES (EstraS)

MOTD Name: psychades

Premise: Elysion is in trouble. Chibimoon must go to Elysion and rid Elysion of Furies, and other negative things that have taken over.

Final Battle: Chiisaiusa is taken to the underworld.

Attacks and theming: This season deals with temptation, what was forbidden, denied, and desire. This is also the season where Sailor Chibimoon becomes Sailor Moon. Elios earns the right to stay on Earth.

Kaisaros Tartarus


Kyria Asphodel

Kyrios Charon- Charon appallingly filthy, with eyes like jets of fire, a bush of unkempt beard upon his chin, and a dirty cloak hanging from his shoulders

Kyria Nona


Psychades Enyo ("horror")

Psychades Deino ("dread")

Psychades Pemphredo ("alarm").





Kyria Decuma



Psychades Aeacus, who keeps the keys of Hades judges those who come from Europe

Psychades Rhadamanthys the Asians

Psychades Minos has the privilege of the final decision.

Kyria Morta

Psychades Ananke


Psychades Alecto (Neverending, the Unnameable)

Psychades Tisiphone (Retaliation-Destruction)

Psychades Megaera (Envious Anger, Grudge)


MOTD Name: Alastor

Premise: The Seraphin Senshi are on opposite sides, and slowly surface. (Outer Senshi are helping the enemy and Inner Senshi are helping the Senshi)

Final Battle: Sailor Saturn is effected by the enemy's actions, so cannot rid the world of the evil.

Attacks and theming: Death, Magic, occult, afterlife, crossroads. Cleanse the world. Angel Sailor Moon must make choices that are hard to make. (finally Elios can stay in this plane) Goddess and God theming.

Maiden Phase:

Lady Kore -

Alastor Khonsu - He wears a skullcap. His head is shaved except for a scalp-lock tress. He holds a crook and flail.

Alastor Kybele -

Alaster Thoth-

Mother Phase:

Lady Mene

Alastor Maia

Alastor Astoreth

Alastor Sesheta-

Crone Phase:

Lady Hecate -

Alastor Pasht- Black Cat, association with Bastet.

Alastor Circe -

Alastor Hathor- Hathor's appearance could be as a cow-headed Goddess or a human-headed woman with horns, cow's ears, and heavy tresses. Weapon: Tamborine She cared for the dead; carrying them to the afterworld.

Alaster Skadi-

Alastor Selket -

Alastor Isis -

Alastor Nepthys - Her symbols were the cup and the lotus. Associations: Rebirth, reincarnation, building good upon the ashes of hopelessness. The great revealer and giver of dreams; understanding the Mysteries.

Alastor Morrigan -

Alastor Baba Yaga

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