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This is a sick, sick page on parodying various companies and organizations involved with the original SM. This is also the fun part. First off no particular offense is meant to the companies/ organizations in question. It's all supposed to be in fun and not to jeparodize the standings in the SM community.

If any people invlved think what I did was wrong in any way, I'll take it of, but it would be useless to sue me since I'm completely broke.

Parody Pages:

SOS (Save our Sailors)= HELPS (Harasses Everyone Lavishly Providing Sailors)
HELPS Campaign Treehouse

CWI= Shamrock Road Productions

MIXX= Stirr
Stirr Online [this is with permission, BTW]

Sailor Moon fans= Sailor Chibimoon Show fans
Sailor Baka's My Sailor Chibimoon Show page

Additional companies with names I came up for, used, but didn't give a site for:

  • Naoko Takeuchi = Suko Shinaka [means thae same basic thing]
    I appologize profusely to Takeuchi-sensei and her family for renaming her for the purposes of these pages.
  • Nakayoshi [close friend]= Tomodachi [friend]
  • Toei [project]= Keikaku [project, spelled the same of project]
  • Dic= IcK
  • Irwin= Seawyn
  • Kodansha [storytelling company]= Hanashisha [Storyteller company]

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    Animanga Palace Courtyard / Moonlight Tower / Reading By Moonlight / Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Chibimoon

    Disclaimer: Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon (and Sailor Moon), is copyright of Takeuchi Naoko, Nakayoshi, Kodansha Inc., Toei Entertainment, Asahi TV, Bandai, Mixx Entertainment Inc., DiC, Irwin and Cloverway Inc. I am NOT doing this for money, just entertainment and because I happen to love Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. Oh, and Princess Takeuchi Naoko is great! Thank you Takeuchi-sensei for creating Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon! Anybody out there have that in Japanese?

    Copyright: This is my property and therefore no one may take it in part or whole unless they ask permission or I give it out. All pictures relating to the created senshi are my copyright and my property. You may not take anything associating with this page without expressed permission of the artists or author. The people who the new soldiers are based have the right to use the character based on them as they wish (but need to ask permission for the other soldiers). The only person allowed to ever allowed to plagiarize this fan fiction is Takeuchi Naoko, creator of the wonderful ORIGINAL Sailor Moon. It would be an HONOR is she did.