My Diary 


Tonight,  I went to see concert with my mum and sister. The concert is called "Love Dandelion".  There were many singers including my favorite Samuel Tai ץd, iH, it, X........ They are so great, all performance very well. 

After the concert, it makes me start to pay more attention to Taiwan singers especially Samuel Tai. Haha.... 



I am home now. These two days, I traveled in Macau with my friends.( Lisa, Mei, Solai, Jason, Aska, Ken and Mr.Lai) We went many places for fun and sightseeing. Although the weather is so so so Hot, we were WET all the time. And not too many places for us to play since Macau is so small. I do believe we quite enjoy it. Because not many times we can be together and have fun. So I will cherish the time we are together.

I think the most funny things in the trip was we go to game center to play. We played the dancing machines with 2 music equipments. (Oh...hard to explain what it is). Each of us were playing 2 times. Aska played more, he played 3 times. He got the highest marks, it seems like unbelievable. Haha...  Hope we can play in Hong Kong then.



For many people, today is really a hard day. Jupas result is out, HKCEE result is out too. Luckily, I have offer. I can go to university. It's sad that not all my friends can or they are far away from me. We can't be classmates next year.  Some of my  friends haven't got a good result. They are complicated,  I dunno what should I do to make them feel good.  

The only thing I can say is to Bless them. Hope all of my friend  a brighter future and enjoy the new school life. I know not all the people is happy for their result. There no other method. We have to accept the result and be happy to face it. This is the only thing we can do. I do believe that " Tomorrow is another day". Anyway god bless all of you.

There is another thing that make me happy. Beckham comes. He comes to Hong Kong to have a football match. He is so so handsome. Actually I decided to meet him at the airport with my cousin. But I haven't went at last. It's not very sad. Because I guess I did the right things. Um... May be I can see him in England or Spain. I guess I will. Haha..                    



Today is a confused and hard day I have ever had. I went to Lingnan for registration. Many things I need to know, many things I need to do................... Oh. god..... I dunno what to do, how to do, when to do?????????????? Is there anyone can help me??? NO.. 

The weather was so HOT.. I have a big headache. I wanna die when I went home.. It's so tired for both mental and physical. 

ALL THE THINGS ARE SO CONFUSING. I am very annoyed now.



Today is a hard day, coz I have many things wanna do, but there isn't enough time for me to finish all the work. Tmr I have o camp. My feeling is strange. Happy? No. I think is nervous and worry. 

Since the result was out. I got in Lingnan. Many things I have to think about and do. It seems like so hard. Everything is so hard. I dunno why? May be no one can help me. I need time, I really need time to adapt.

Today I finish my homepage. Not all, but half. I have made it for a month. Whoa.. a month. There something I need to improve. But later, not now. Haha.. Finish the homepage is so great. I can't believe I can finish it, coz my computer skills is so poor. So please don't complain and criticize much. Thanks!!!



Whoa!! Yesterday was very tired le. Because I had a 3 days O-camp in Pok Fo Lam. It was a quite funny camp. I meet some friends. That's nice.

Today I continue to make my HP. I dunno why it's can't work on net. What is the problem? Oh. God!!!!!!!!!!!

Time is running out. Very soon I have to go to school..... I don't want le....wowo..