Apple X - 1 wire for All XBOX Bros 1.0 or Bros 1.1- New

Xbox mod-chip 1 wire to solder.
Compatible with all evolution-x software
Play all homebrew
No-patch hack
Macro vision off
Evolution-x hdd patch
Works on all models
Mod-disable switch
Play all original imports
Eject trick hack
DVD reset Hack
Auto kernel selector
Works on all regions

The following instructions is to help you to determine which version of the Apple-X
you would need for your xbox. 
Checking your Xbox bios/ kernel version
Connect xbox to TV and switch it on.
Goto the "settings" option in the xbox menu and select "System Info".
You will now see a lot of legal text.
At the end of the text you should see the following
K: 1.00.xxxx.01
D: 1.00.xxxx.01
If you do not see this and you have a US xbox, then it is a v1.0 xbox.
If the xxxx = 4034 or 4036 or 4627 you have a v1.0 xbox.
If the xxxx = 4817 or 4972 you have a v1.1 xbox. 

For v1.0 xbox, please use Apple-X v1.0
For v1.1 xbox, please use Apple-X v1.1

Apple X Diagram