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Hello, everybody.  How are you? How's your life in HK? Very busy? Still harsh? Feel frustrated? Pls...


I'm now at Canberra (the capital of Australia) to further my studying.  This is my diary here.  Pls feel free to view it and your feedback, reply is vital and highly appreciated.

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reading, hiking, swimming, listen to music, watch movies, sporting
Now, I'm living with my houseowner and one flatmate.  My living house is an apartment include 3 bedrooms, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, balcony and a little garden.  I just rent a share room for my accommodation. 

The houseowner is a nice Chinese guy coming from mainland China.  The other nice flatmate is a girl who also come from China and studying in ANU for her bachelor degree course. 

They teach me Mandarin and I teach them Cantonese.  We're so happy to live together