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"an unforgettable trip they have ever had=]]"

In the last summer holiday, all my family members go to visited the poor village in China. And it's the unforgettable trip they have ever had. The trip is made by my brother's office. In the trip, the boss of my brother send him to China to do a research, so my brother wanted us and his friends to go with him. 

When we arrived, there was extremely hot. Although there was hot, we have to do the research. So we went to a poor village. In this village there had many children, but they had no parents. They were lived  alone or lived with their grandpa or grandma and they were poor. They have no clothes to wear, no shoes to wear.  So we brought some toys, student utensils, food, clothes, money to donate to them. At that time, my dad and mum  felt very touched and they think they won't have this experience again, so they think this trip was their unforgettable trip they have ever had.