Pupils free to make choices


Giving students freedom in making academic and extra-curricular choices enables them to develop their potential to the fullest, according to Chong Gene Hang College principal Ho Kong-hin.

Apart from the 39 academic and extra-curricular societies and clubs for students to choose, the school set up a fitness room last year to provide students a place for physical training.

The principal added that the establishment of the fitness room helped improve students' performance in athletic meets and ball game competitions.

The school grabbed the championship in the Joint School Cross-country Tournament this year.

Although students would definitely benefit from extra-curricular activities, Principal Ho emphasised that it was important to strike a balance between academic and non-academic activities.

"Participation in extra-curricular activities is important for students' development because they can learn leadership skills and discipline, but they have to remember to maintain a balance," he said.

The school also did well in the Hong Kong School Drama Festival organised by the Education Department. It swept six awards - Commendations for Stage Effect, Commendations for Actor, Commendations for Actress, Certificate of Merits, Commendations for Overall Performance, and Commendations for Script Originality (English drama).

Head prefect Lam Yui attributed the success to the students' commitment.

"Every student tries his best in games and tournaments. Even in the Inter-house drama competition this year, the students were very serious and committed," the seventh former said.

"At first, students were worried about whether they could improve but they gradually learned to set their goals higher each year," Principal Ho said.

To promote a sense of belonging to the school, the principal introduced new measures such as the daily flag-raising ceremony and the singing of school songs every Monday.

"It doesn't matter if you do not sing well; it is the spirit and not the pride of being a part of the school that counts," the principal said.

Lam Yui said he was shy to sing at the beginning but gradually got used to it.

"It seemed very odd because I was not used to singing the school song but later it became a habit. I can feel the school spirit when I sing with my classmates," he said.

Principal Ho became the head of the school in February after teaching there for 22 years.

He said he would not make any drastic changes. "Previous principals laid a very good foundation for the school."


Fact File

The school, founded in 1971, belongs to De La Salle Brothers. It is a comprehensive school for boys, but Form Six and Seven are co-educational. There are 1060 students and 50 full-time teachers.

The principal is Mr. Ho Kong-hin who holds a BA and MA degree and a Dip Ed. Mr Ho has 22 years of teaching experience.

English is the chief medium of instruction.

The college offers a wide range of activities for students. There are 39 academic, service, art, interest and sport clubs. Students interested in singing can take part in the choir or instrument lessons.

Students are encouraged to take part in athletics, soccer and cross-country races.

The school has 27 classrooms, a science laboratory, a chemistry laboratory, a physics laboratory, a biology laboratory, a library with 11000 books, a playground and a covered playground and a fitness training room. Field trips are organised for Geography, Science, History and Chinese History.

Brother Brendan Scholarship, Yung Hin Man Scholarship and Cheung Siu Yau Scholarship.

There are 48 prefects who are headed by Lam Yui.

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"South China Morning Post"