Chan ka Chun, a Cheater



Girls and Boys,
Please look at the below picture very carefully and remember this cheater.





Name (Chi):陳家俊
Name (Eng): Chan Ka Chun
Date of birth : 14 July 1976
icq no. : 114598974
e-mail :
Home : sham shui po (深水涉) 

He told people that he studied aboard in Cananda and Australia, just came back to HK for several months. He is working for the Home Affairs Department (Tsuen Wan District). His brother is working for ICAC and his father was a retired civil servant.



This guy is indeed faker, he looked for girls on the net to make friend with them and asked their number to chat over the phone. Later on, he  use words like one life one love to sweeten girls' heart and ask them out to meet in person, maybe for dinner, movie, go to Karaoke box or even go to hotel.....



Most of time he would make many excuses not to pay the bills, such as all cash had just been spent and he couldn't get money from ETC machine because forgetting the pin code or he forgot to bring credit card with him….etc. Finally, those girls settled the bills.



Anyway, all above was related his personal behavior, it didn't affect others. However, the worst thing is he is a cheater. He invited girls who met from the net to visit his apartment, and cheated them to have sex with him. After then, he dumped them at once and never showed up again. Sure no more phone call from him as well.



His bad behaviour make him get infected with various sex diseases, that means he is the transmitter of those sex diseases. After in depth investigation, he even feel interested with children and he gets addicted to SM.





Fortunately, I am not one of those victims. I just heard it from my friend and his friend was one of those victims.




As a female, I have the responsibility to warn all girls to beware of this guy, and you have responsibility to warn your friends as well.