﹙只是用軟件消聲,右鍵另存﹚ Anyone Of Us
  Tell Me One More Time
Say It Isn't So ﹙MV版本﹚mp3
﹙請下載兩個File,按「siis.part1.exe」自動解壓。﹚ siis.part2.rar
Suspicious Minds MV 如何拼合已下載的檔案
  File Part One
  File Part Two
  File Part Three
Gaz在Pop Idol中唱歌的片段: Flying Without Wings
  Rock DJ
  Last Christmas
  Everything I Do (I Do It For You)
Go Your Own Way Wmas: 1. Sunshine
這裡提供的只是64kb的wma, 2. Groove With Me
音質比正版CD差很多, 3. Absolutely
只是提供給各位 4. All Cried Out
還沒機會買到正版CD的Fans 5. Enough of Me
暫時聽聽,望梅止渴 6. Go Your Own Way
請,務必支持正版 7. Just Say Yes
支持小葛! 8. Freak My Baby
  9. Club Hopping
  10. Soul Affection
  1. Spirit In The Sky
  2. Say It Isn't So
  3. Skeletons
  4. Listen To My Heart
  5. Foolish
  6. Too Soon To Say Goodbye
  7. Lies
  8. Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now
  9. It Happens Every Time