My birthday is on 5th Sept. 1981 la~~@@

Name: Tin Lei^^....Talia lorrrr~

Address: Unit 25, 6 Hampton Street, Burswood, 6100, Perth, W. Australia...don't send to the wrong one la!!

E-mail: ....

Phone: 61 412 550 me if you have time 

Hobbies: Shopping, Cooking , Karaoke, Sleeping...ZZZzz

University: Curtin Uni. of Tech. ( boring place) major in Accounting and Finance

Favor Writer: ip_ & & J.K. Rowing ( I like to read Harry Potter)

Favor Place: My room...hee.....actually I like to travel around the world....especially, Europe la~

Favor Food: many wor~~ different kind of fruit, fish ( especially eel...una don, nice!), cakes, spicy food...

Favor Color: Purple la....the best...also, black, red, ..