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Name: Albert Wong
Date of Birth:20-11-80
Occupation: Student, studying Bachelor of Liberal Studies @ The University of Sydney
Hobbies: Watching Movies, Playing games,hanging out with friends and eating chocolate.
Future Plans: Hopefully finish majors in HRM, Computing and in Chinese 


Right now, my life is pretty good. As have a group of friends that care about me alot and have a girl-friend whom also cares alot about me. I'm working at the moement, 2 jobs. 1 is @ Mobilciti Vodafone @ Parramatta. And 2 is @ ICF(internet Cafe) @ Parramatta

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§ÚªºªB¤Í¡R My Friend's Profiles......
This Page is dedicated to my close friends.... The had the chance to meet these people during my life... and they were there during the ups and downs of my life.. and this is a little dedication to them... making the appear on the net..... hahaha 

Joey Yung's Gallery My Car

This page is of my friends.... and some are caught in the act.. but they look good. Have a look around and check back often, cos i'll be updating these pictures every once in a while.... hahaha


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