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Island Line Extensions
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The North Hong Kong Island Line (NIL) is a extension of the MTR Tung Chung Line at Hong Kong Sation to Fortress Hill Station where it will take over the eastern portion of the Island Line and run through it. There will be three stations along the way and they are: ( West > East)
-Exhibition ( Interchanges with KCR Shatin - Central Link)
-Victoria Park ( Planning to build this station or not)
The NIL will be completed in the years 2008 - 2011. When totally finished, this line will run from Tung Chung West Station to Chai Wan Station making a East - West corridor.
The West Hong Kong Island Line (WIL) is an extension from the Island Line Sheung Wan Station to Kennedy Town Station. It will have a total of 3 stations.
-Sai Ying Pun (other name: Dex Voux Road Station)
-Whitty Street Station (Unknown, sayings that there is already a station underground)
-Bechler Garden (Might be a subsitute station for Whitty Street Station)
-Kennedy Town
This extension was planned in 1967, but due to land problems, the government has cancelled construction for later. It was said that the MTR company has already began parts of constructing this line before the government cancelled the construction. So there was a saying that Whitty Street Station is completed. Some photographs show that there are spaces reserverd for Whitty Street Station, but no one knows. Another reason for this line to cancel is because the underground portion at Kennedy Town cannot be dug due to the fact that the rocks is too hard for machines to dig at that time (70's). Now, technologies can dig through these rocks.