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Site Name
This is a Site on MTR, This site is updated normally. It is also quite special and it is the most detailed website on the MTR.
Hong Kong Mass Transit Info Center
Hong Kong Railway Engineering Center This is a Site on the parts of the railway and it has information on secrets of MTR stations.
This is a unique Website that has sounds recorded on the PA and updated rail news.
Hong Kong Railway Public Address Archives
This Website focuses on the railway network of Hong Kong.
Heavy Iron Station
It has Sections for different styles of trains and it has info on the railways in China.
Hong Kong Rail NET
This is a simple website that has a lot of information regarding the railway networks of Hong Kong.
Hong Kong Railway Information Center
Smallfish's Deep Sea Railway
This is a cool site with many cool things about many different railways within Hong Kong.
This is a website that contains information on all types of transportation in Hong Kong and it Focuses on Buses.
Monster Bus World Hong Kong
This is the Base of the Railway Union of Hong Kong. It has many news on regarding Hong Kong railway.
Hong Kong Railway Union
This website has almost all of the infomation on railways around the world.
Railway Technology
This website has all of the infomation on railways around the world.
Metro Planet
This website has very updated information on Hong Kong Transport.
Kwun Tong Transport NET
Discussion Boards
A Discussion Board about Railways and problems that exists in Hong Kong. Go ahead and start a topic about railways right now! In Chinese.
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Railway Discussion Board
This special Discussion board has pictures and it has many updated discussions. It is in Chinese.
Hong Kong Railway Discussion Board