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Ma On Shan Line
In 1994 the Government of Hong Kong has planned a new rail system that starts at the existing KCR Tai Wai Station and links the new area, Ma On Shan.This railway serves the east side of the Shing Mun Channel, while the existing Kcr East Rail serves the western side of Shing Mun Channel. The existing Kcr East Rail stretches from Kowloon to the border between Hong Kong and China. The population of Ma On Shan will double in the next twenty years, so a railway is needed to relieve the growing demands of transportation. This new railway will open it's doors in 2004. The train station is also equipped with toilet facilities, stores, escalators and lifts.
Ma On Shan Line is the blue line
Tai Wai Station
Shek Mun Station
Ma On Shan Station
Sha Tin Wai Station
City One Station
Che Kung Temple Station
Wu Kai Sha Station
Tai Shui Hang Station
Heng On Station
A Typical Ma On Shan Rail Station
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