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South Hong Kong Island Line
The South Hong Kong Island Line is a MTR underground Line. It will start either at Belcher Station or at Sheung Wan Station. If it starts at Belcher Station, it will offer a more direct route; but on the other hand, Belcher station is on the planned West Hong Kong Island Line. If it starts at Sheung Wan Station, it will not be so direct; But it can also use the empty platform at Sheung Wan Station (Leftover from early railway developments > Shatin Line Terminus). This way, it will not waste money and spaces. After the two options, it will go to the southern parts of Hong Kong Island (Ocean Park/ Wong Chuk Hang/ Cyber Port areas) via, Queen Mary's Hospital (planned station) and either split into two lines at Wah Fu station or go down into Ap Lei Chau then round it's way up to Wan Chai Station via Ocean Park.
This line is a long term project, but due to the fact that MTR has lost the bid for the Shatin-Central Link, MTR has announced that they will move forward the plan of the South Hong Kong Island Line to the years 2008-2010.