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Tseung Kwan O Line
In the railway development study in 1994, the government decided to build a railway to link the new seperated district, Tseung Kwan O with a railway transport. The railway has just opened. This railway has also changed some of the configuration of the origional layout of the existing system at the interchanges. Though Many riders of the MTR Kwun Tong Line was unsatisfied with the new interchange layout because they need to change trains at Yau Tong Station. The riders think that the interchange station for the Tseung Kwan O Line should be at Lam Tin Station of the MTR Kwun Tong Line. The original plan was an interchange station at Lam Tin Station for the Tseung Kwan O Line. Unfortuneately both Lam Tin and Kwun Tong stations does not have anymore spaces for expansion, so the MTR Corperation must make the interchange station for the Tseung Kwan O Line at Yau Tong station. Therefore, Tseung Kwan O Line runs through the Eastern Harbour Crossing and terminates at North Point station.
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North Point Station
Quarry Bay Station
Yau Tong Station
Tseung Kwan O Station
Hang Hau Station
Tiu Keng Leng Station
Po Lam Station
Area 86 Station