Finally a new edition of the popular songbook. Including all songs of all albums of K's Choice with lyrics and chords.
A wannahave for every guitar and piano playing K´s Choice-fan, while the band has published no sheet music! This publication will be more illustrated in future when I find the time and the motivation. Please click on the sponsor to keep me motivated!


Easy to download ZIP-files which contain the tabs on this website. When you like to print them all in a handy format, I recommend to download the songbook, mentioned above.

The Great Subconscious Club

Paradise In Me


Cocoon Crash

Almost Happy

Other Songs

All Songs


The photo section is reduced to three Power-point presentations of the photo's published on the website in 1999. More presentations will be added when they are sent to the webmaster. Maybe a concert chronology will be added when the history of the band from 1993 until now can be recovered with help of the visitors of the concerts and the sites.

Enschede (NL)

Location: MC Enschede
Date: 27 - 02 - 1999
Support act: Jason Falkner
Comments: Played 'Fox On The Run'
w/ Jason Falkner

Amsterdam (NL)

Location: Paradiso
Date: 01 - 03 - 1999
Support act: Arid


Amsterdam (NL)

Location: Carré
Date: 28 - 06 - 1999
Support act: Arid


These video files are broadcasted on dutch television in 1999 and 2000. They are recorded with a PC TV-card and the quality is reduced to make the files downloadable.

Virgin State Of Mind

Performed by: K's Choice
Comments: Buffy The Vampire Slayer Soundtrack
File-size: MPEG Movie (943 kb) - 20 Sec.

I Alone

Written by: Ed Kowalczyk and Live
Performed by: Sarah Bettens & Anouk Teeuwe
Comments: Performed For Dutch TV-Program '2 Meter Sessies'
File-size: MPEG Movie (985 kb) - 23 Sec.

My Heart

Performed by: Gert & Sarah Bettens
Comments: Live At Heineken Nightlife Rotterdam (NL)
File-size: MPEG Movie (975 kb) - 24 Sec.

Almost Happy

Performed by: K's Choice
File-size: MPEG Movie (1.479 kb) - 32 Sec.