See how strange the front of LA16 is. (29/04/2003)
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1. Fleet Information: updated retirement information on KMB's 11m 3-axle Leyland Olympians S3BL.
2. Fleet Information: updated fleet list of KMB's 10.6m Volvo Super Olympians (ASV) and 12m Wright Volvo Super Olympians (AVW).
Last updated: 27/11/2004


Special thanks to my friend, Andy Lam for comments on the design of the website, and S3BL104, for the provision of a few photos of S3BL100.

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Story of Olympians05/04/2003
Fleet Information03/01/2004
Photo of the Week27/12/2003
Olympians in Service: Kowloon Motor Bus19/07/2003
Olympians in Service: Citybus29/03/2003
Olympians in Service: New World First Bus03/01/2004
Recommended Bus Sites28/06/2003
Notes to Visitors24/02/2002

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