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Hoki-Aamrel's Lair
[Image: Dragon heraldic logo]

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[Dragon from U7, lying down]

Welcome to my lair! I'm Hoki-Aamrel, but you can call me Hoki if you want to. In case you were wondering: Yes, I really am a dragon; No, I won't bite, nor do I happen to have light at the moment. (But I can incinerate you if you really, really want to!)

I'm just your plain ordinary dragon. I'm a big, cherry-red metallic-red-iridescent fire-breathing western dragon. Some places I visit often are called xgrmpflmprxyzz (or, as the Less Holy Names go, Alfandra or the Dominance), and then there are some vibrant places that have streets whose streetlamp colors match my own scales. I also follow, to some extent, the exploits of a group of dragons who inhabit the world of Britannia.

[Typist's note: Most of the page is probably mostly in-character. Hoki is a role playing character of mine, appearing in various forms all over the net.]

(Hoki waits for a second, and gives you a meaningful look.) What do you mean you see just a bunch of servers and routers? To you, this is the Internet; To me, this is my home! Throw that "objective sense" to the junk box for some time, and open the eyes of your Imagination. See? It's as easy as that! You say dragons don't exist, but have you ever thought that if you imagine one exists, then one already does? Someone thinks, therefore I am. Someone thought, therefore I have history. By all accounts considered, I am a dragon, and I exist - in some senses.

Random content notes and all that

Typist's note: This stuff may be literally ancient from Web's perspective and not touched for many years - oldest stuff I have here have timestamps that date from 1997. As you may guess, Hoki is not concerned of mortals' schedule... If there's anything here that actually needs to be updated, it might get updated in near future. Also, note that this stuff can be way, way silly. =) And frankly, I'm not particularly proud of some of this stuff, since it's ancient and that, but here it is anyway...

Not Safe For Work™ Some stuff, specially marked so, may have violent or sexual content. (okay, less violent, more sexual... a big, yiffy dragon Hoki may be, but gay dragons tend to be pretty nice. =) That stuff is obviously not meant for children. Not necessarily even for adults who can't stand the concept of dragons being violent, or having sexual tendencies. Icon [Warning: sexual content] warns about sexual content. [Warning: violent content] warns about violent content. I used to have RSACi/ICRA ratings, but I found out that almost no one actually honors them anyway...

Stuff that these pages just need

Random Dragon Things

Random Ultima Things

Guestbook, feedback and stuff like that

You can, as usual, sign or read my guestbook, or send E-mail to me! (I love to get mail...)

Some Yahoo-related stuff - See my profile. I'm also available in Yahoo'sMessengerIM service (user idhoki_dragon). Hmm, sorry, looks like Yahoo! in their might said "Thou shalt not make unto thee a graven Client", so if you want to contact my typist henceforth via instant messages, please try wwwwolf@jabber.com in Jabber.

Some random links

So, these are the small things that my lair's web precense can offer. Obviously, you may now want to move along; Here are some links to get you to know more dragons and dragon-things.

Here's some random furry/dragon art I like, most of it yiffy.

Well, come back someday... and remember, this page is updated every now and then!

Hmm, the bottom of the page is getting sort of crowded...

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