James Bond 007 (1983)

"James Bond 007" Box ArtDeveloped by:  Parker Brothers

Released by:  Parker Brothers

Year Created:  1983

Released on:
  • Atari 800
  • Atari 2600
  • Atari 5600
  • ColecoVision
  • Commodore 64

Game Synopsis:

In James Bond 007, you control Agent 007 in three levels - each inspired by a previously released film:
  • Level One: Diamonds Are Forever - You must drive an amphibious craft through the Nevada desert while shooting down the enemies that confront you along the way.  You complete the level if you safely navigate to the oil rig.
  • Level Two: Moonraker - You must destroy Drax's three satellites while avoiding the space shuttles that  launch from the lake.  If the shuttles reach orbit, they'll turn into poison bombs that drop back into the lake which will kill you unless you submerge.
  • Level Three: The Spy Who Loved Me - You must destroy Stromberg's undersea laboratory and rescue Anya, while avoiding subs, helicopters, and oil tankers. 
After completing the third mission, the game ends and you receive your agent rating, with "007" being the highest.


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