Hell Revealed 2nd logo by: Amish <kerr002@connect.ab.ca>

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General information

Hell Revealed is a megawad I made with Haggay Niv. It contains:

Hell Revealed took a year and a half to make. It was finished on April 1997 and released in the beginning of May.

Since then, Chrozoron has started Hell Revealed 2, a new megawad, as a tribute to Hell Revealed. Several people are working on it, and it's still not finished but you can go to Chrozoron's page and see how it progresses.


Hell Revealed is available for download from ftp.cdrom.com and it's mirrors. All the Hell Revealed files are in the idgames archive, in themes/hr. The files are:
File Description
HR.ZIP The main archive. This is all you'll need if you only want to play Hell Revealed.
HRINFO.ZIP The infopack. Contains screenshots and information about all the levels.
HRHELP.ZIP Demos with -nomonsters for all levels, quickly showing how to complete them with 100% secrets.
HRUVLMP2.ZIP New quick Ultra-Violence demos with 100% kills and secrets for all the levels, plus many more lmps with the -fast option which makes the game even harder.
HRUVLMPS.ZIP The old Ultra-Violence lmps showing how to complete all the levels with 100% kills and secrets, but not as fast as the new ones (HRUVLMP2.ZIP).