Here are a few men of General Hospital. This page will be updated often so please visit frequently.

Isn't he beautiful? I swear there is just something about Sonny that makes my heart skip a beat. Maybe it's that while he can be so bad, he still has the cuddlylittle boy charm that makes you want to hug him.

SHHHHH don't tell my beloved Nikolas or Stefan that I find Lucas Lorenzo Spencer sexy. It's those wild eyes I tell you. He is just so powerful on screen that he drives me wild. As long as Luke could respect my dislike for disco I think we'd be okay!

Isn't he just adorable? Lucky will be a knock out in a few years and trust me once he's 18 I'll be more than glad to check him out in a new way. But for now i'll settle for saying he is cute as cute can be!

Okay, you guys can find me in the showers..heh heh heh! Is he hot or what? Sheesh take Jason out of the leather jacket and put that boy in a sauna! I have a new respect for towels now.

Okay the truth is Jax does nothing for me. Can't explain why, but he just doesn't. I came across this pic on the web, and in even in my dislike for Jax I had to admitt he looked nice here. Aunt Ocean will be jumping for joy over this!LOL

Wow! Kevin is just plain sexy. He has those beautiful eyes. He's intellegent, kind, did I mention Kev was just plain sexy? He gives a new meaning to lying on the couch for a session!LOL Oops did I say that? Anyway, Kevbunny is one of my fave's!

Oh, A.J. Quartermaine. Yes, he's a bad boy, but he's so beautiful. A.J. can be obnoxious and why oh why is he still with Keesnore? I love him when he's wicked though, soemthing about those Quartermaine men, A.J., Ned, Jason almost as yummy as those Cassadine men..almost!

Oh Ned Aston! I love him! He's so wicked, but has a kind heart. To me he's the most functional Quartermain around. Now that Lois is gone, I really want him and Alexis to hook up! They could turn PC on it's ear!

Okay for those of you in the flapfamily you know Scott's my hubby. I Adore him, and as some of you know I plan to stalk him soon ;)!

HELLO!!! Power's that Be!!! Use Reggie!!! He's awesome! What a man! I love Reggie's humor! He is so sarcastic and witty! If only we could be graced with his presence more often! Reggie is so underused that it is a crime! Bad writer's! Hisssssss..USE HIM!

Mac Scorpio is just beautiful! He has the best skin and those piercing eyes. Sigh, what a man! I wish they would use him a little more often as well. He needs an adventure! Oh and Ailey loves Mac! She is in total lust with him! Infact, she has been heard quite a few times saying she loves her Mac! Heh heh heh

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