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Angel Babes Society (The ABS)

Finally, a place where we all agree, even if not about who Brenda should be with!

When the ABS was formed, it was 4 people, 2 of Ingo's Angels & PIC members and 2
of Sonny's Mobsta Babes and S&Believers. We came together to prove that there could
be peace between the groups, and that we could agree, without really agreeing.

Angels, PICers, and Brenda and Jax lovers, visit the Angels Corner! Lots of punch and free hugs!!

If you are a Believer, a Babe, or just a Sonny and Brenda lover, come into the Babe's Corner to bask in the Sonnyshine!!


Due to the recent events on General Hospital (that recent event being Maurice Benard [Sonny] leaving the show), the ABS are no longer accepting new members. We [the Fab Four] formed ABS to show that despite the rivalry between the two groups, there still could be peace.
Now that Sonny is no longer a part of GH, there should be no more fighting on the boards, and so our purpose does not exist any longer. All members of ABS, feel free to use your tag with pride, we still will! But please, do not email any of the fab four asking for membership. Thank you and peace!

Humor, Poems, Fiction and Songs and More for the Triangle

Read this Humorous Poem by PCO buddie Kathim about the infamous S/B/J Triangle!
A Song written by ABS co-founder Verity for Sonny and Brenda
Here's a Song written by an ABS member for Jax and Brenda
Read this Dissertation for Sonny and Brenda

Meet the Fab Four: Verity, Brynna, Aik, and Amelia!

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