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Latest Voyager Transmissions
May 13, 2000

Here's an interview with Susanna Thompson, Voyager's Borg Queen, about the upcoming season finale, "Unimatrix Zero".  It does contain spoilers!

Return as Borg Queen Challenges The Actress

by Ian Spelling

The Borg Queen, the sinewy and sweaty villianess last seen making life hard for Captain Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) and company in the Voyager telemovie "Dark Frontier," returns to menace anew in "Unimatrix Zero," which will air on May 24.

And once again stepping into the Queen's lair for the sixth season's cliffhanger is actress Susanna Thompson.

"I wasn't really surprised that they called," Thompson says. "I was more surprised that I said yes."

This time, the Borg Queen discovers a disease is runnig rampant among her drones--a disease called individuality. During the regeneration process, some Bort temporarily regain access to memories of their lives before they were assimilated.

"When the Queen learns what is happening, she brings in a drone and asks for his help," Thompson says. "the Queen's testing method is too slow, and she wants to get to the crux of it immediately."

"He doesn't respond, so she tears apart his cortical array," the actress says. "In effect she becomes a mad scientist, and she's desperately in search of this wiring problem that's allowing this to happen.

"In the meantime, the Voyager has discovered this as well."

Not to give away too much, but the Borg Queen makes Janeway a most tempting offer.

Janeway, of course rejects the proposal, setting in motion a chain of events that won't be resolved until Voyager's 7th season opener which airs next fall.

Thompson spent much of previous Voyager shot blinded by the Borg Queen's contact lenses, being led around the set by a production assistant. Though she still wore lenses for "Unimatrix Zero," the actress reports that the production staff was "extra-sensataive" about how long the lenses stayed in, adding that writer-producer Branno Braga space her work days to give her eyes time to recover.

However, "Unimatrix Zero" was still a tough, tough shoot.

"They work so fast over at Star Trek, and it's not really the way I like to work, particularly when they throw last-minute script revisions at you," says Thompson, now a regular on ABC's freshman drama "Once and Again. And a lot of the revisions are huge techno-babble paragraphs. I've been in situations like that before, where they worked very fast," Thompson says, "But I was dealing with normal language, and I wasn't in costume or elaborate makeup."

"But to be the Borg Queen and do that was not so easy," she concludes. "It doesn't come second nature for me."

Practice makes perfect, however, and Thompson will be back as the Borg Queen later this summer when she films "Unimatrix Zero" part 2. The actress hopes not only that there will be a finished script, but also that the episode will feature a scene as deliciously decadent as her favorite moment in "Unimatrix Zero."

There's one scene where you see me with a bunch of drone heads that I'm dissecting and have already dissected. There was a moment when they handed me a head before we started a scene, and the head was dripping and there werewires and other electrical pieces hanging out of it."

"It was very sci-fi Hamlet. It was very 'Alas, poor Yorick, I knew him, Horatio.'"
April 12, 2000

Here are some pretty extensive information regarding the last few episodes of this season:

Live Fast and Prosper: This new episode deals with three alien con artists named Feydra, Mobar and Zev, who
have obtained extensive information about Voyager and are now posing as Janeway,
Tuvok and Chakotay, respectively. In this way they're trying to scam others out of money and needed materials.
Hilarity ensues when an inspector investigating the scams holds the Voyager crew for the crimes.

Muse:  Torres and Harry crash in the Delta Flyer on an alien planet. The planet is developmentally comparable to earth in the
Shakespeare period. A 'poet' finds Torres in the downed flyer (Harry punched out in an escape pod) and begins writing plays based on Voyager and the crew. Torres ends up helping him perform his last 'play', which keeps a war from breaking out on the planet because of the play. The B plot has a really rather funny bit with Tuvok snoring and sleeping in the Captains chair.

Life Line (Formerly I, Zimmerman):  This is the much talked about ep with Troi and Barclay. In one of their now monthly transmissions, Barclay sends info to the Doc that Doctor Zimmerman his creator has a terminal cellular disease, and that he will die in a couple of months. The doc convinces Janeway to let him send himself back to earth over the wire to treat his creator. His experience in the Delta Quadrant and with Borg technology gives him an edge over Earth doctors. When the doc arrives, he finds that Zimmerman wants nothing to do with him. The Mark I holodocs have been found incompetent and relegated to scrubbing plasma conduits. They are already up to the Mark 4 EMH. The two docs bump heads and fight a lot. In the end, the doc cures him and they reach an understanding. Troi, and Barclay have fairly small roles.

The Haunting of Deck Twelve: This story is mostly told as a campfire type story by Neelix to the Borg children. The power on ship goes down, and the regenerating children wake up. Neelix tells them what is happening in the form of story. Basically, while flying through a Nebula, Voyager picks up an entity which makes its way through the ships systems wreaking havoc and trying to force the crew to take it back to the nebula. The crew just thinks the ship is fraught with malfunctions due to flying through the nebula and doesn't figure out there is intelligence behind it for quite some time. In the end, they give the creature some place to live and everyone is happy.  Seems this episode will not deal with Tuvok and time travel as previously thought.

Unimatrix Zero: Unimatrix Zero is a place where the Borg's minds go to when the regenerate. A kind-of cyberspace, where they can be their old selves (being individuals) before being assimilated. It is in this realm that Seven has a boyfriend. Only certain people went there and 7 of 9 was one of them.  Susanna Thompson returns as the Borg Queen (does this chick ever die??)

March 29, 2000

Although most will already now this, but there is another shift of power for Voyager for it's final seventh season.  Brannon Braga will be stepping down as Executive Producer at the end of the sixth season, and Kenneth Biller will be taking his place.  Joe Menosky will also be leaving at the end of the sixth season, but he plans to come back to Trek.

The Borg Queen (Susanna Thompson) will be back in the cliffhanger finale for this season, "Unimatrix Zero". (The Borg Queen must have nine lives or something).  In this episode, there are several major revelations.  Tom Paris gets his Lieutenant rank back, the Borg Children return, and Janeway, Tuvok and Harry get assimilated.  The Delta Flyer will also be destroyed.  The episode will deal with a Borg resistance.

The other two episodes of the season which little information about is "Muse" and "The Haunting of Deck Twelve".  "The Muse" is supposed to be like Shakespeare, and "The Haunting..." is a time travel episode involving Tuvok.

March 18, 2000

Well, the episode doesn't air for another month or so, but here are two pictures which appeared in Cinescape magazine of the upcoming Kes episode, "Fury":

As for some minor tidbits:  Tom Paris gets his rank back in "Life Lines" (formerly "I, zimmerman").  The Borg children also reappear in this episode.

The producers are contemplating having a huge Borg episode to cap off the would involved, according to Brannon Braga:

"a massive resistance movement within the Borg that could unravel them once and for all, that Seven gets involved with. It may also include, finally, a true romance for Seven of Nine against the backdrop of the resistance. It may possibly see the return of a new Borg Queen. It's very conceptual at this point, but it's
safe to say that there's one more Borg epic to come." 
February 17, 2000

Here's some more details on the upcoming "Good Shepherd":

When Janeway finds that there are a total of three crewmembers who have not been on an away mission, and seem to lack her personal attention, she takes them on an away mission on the Delta Flyer to investigate a newly forming galaxy.  Durin the away mission, the crew is attacked by an overpowering alien force.  The aliens beam one of the crewmembers off the Delta Flyer, and takes over his body. 

February 11, 2000

Well, here it is.  The plot summary of Kes's return in "The Fury".  This comes from the wonderful site, Star Trek Universe .  He is never wrong, so I am very displeased with this upcoming episode.  Read for yourself, how it seems to destroy the character of Kes.

     An old Kes shows up out of nowhere, requesting help from Janeway and seeking 
     permission to come aboard. Of course, Janeway gives permission. Kes proceeds 
     to RAM Voyager with her shuttle, taking half of deck 10 with her. Kes then 
     proceeds to walk through deck 11, flexing conduits and blowing out bulkheads 
     left and right in a fit of rage. When a couple of security guys try to stop 
     her, they are killed. She makes her way to engineering where she starts 
     sapping power from the warp core. Torres tries to intervene, and is killed as 
     well. Kes, hugging the warp core, suddenly becomes young again, then 

     Next we see Kes reappear, only now it is three years earlier (she has 
     traveled back in time). Old Kes finds past Kes in the aerponics (spelling) 
     bay, sedates her, and takes her place amongst the crew. Kes is angry with 
     Janeway, and blames her for filling her head with a bunch of space 
     exploration stuff, and convincing her to explore her telepathic side. It 
     turns out that Kes was not ready to become a 'being of light' - and blames 
     Janeway for forcing her into it. ANYWAY, Kes then begins a devious plan to 
     have Voyager captured by the Vidians (the guys that steal peoples organs) as 

     Due to Kes' strong telepathic abilities, Tuvok begins to have bizarre
     visions. He sees and speaks to Naomi Wildman in the turbolift, and sees Seven 
     of Nine and the Borg twins in the cargo bay. This obviously disturbs him, as 
     none of these people yet exist - none of that has happened - so he does not 
     know what or who he is seeing. He even makes a reference to using the Delta 
     Flyer for an away mission, and it has not been built yet. Tuvok becomes 
     confused and asks to be relieved of duty. 

     When the Vidians attack, Janeway figures out whats going on, and confronts 
     'future' Kes as she is trying to get a semi-conscious 'past' Kes off Voyager 
     to take her back home. Janeway ends up having to kill 'future' Kes. 

     We then jump back to the present, and back to where the show originally 
     started. Kes again pops up and requests to come aboard, but this time Janeway 
     is ready. She raises shields to prevent the crash, and shuts down the warp 
     core so when 'old' Kes gets to it, she cannot travel back in time. Torres 
     does not die. 'Old' Kes then sees a holo-message that she recorded in the 
     past (as young Kes - after the vidian incident) to try to dissuade her future 
     self from doing this. Old Kes is moved to tears, and leaves the ship once 

It is not bad enough that they had to write her out of the show, but now they are ruining the character too.  Way to go producers!!
January 30, 2000

Just some upcoming information on some new episodes:

  • Live Fast and Prosper:  Alien "con artists" take the form of Janeway, Tuvok and Chakotay in order to obtain technology from other races.
  • The Fury:  Kes returns.  I've received an email from someone who says they know what the show is about, but I think it is just someone trying to pull a prank.  But, I'll report it anways, but remember, it is most likely not true:   Sesperia will return in this episode, and that is why Kes returns.  We will see Kes like "we've never seen her before".  Maybe that's because we haven't seen her for three years. 
January 27, 2000

Counselor Troi and Reginald Barclay to return....

(side note from MajCullah:  OK, OK...I think this is a really bad idea to bring these two back.  It is obviously a gimmick to rope in viewers.  Yes, it was fine to see them both in "Pathfinder", but to see them again is just rehash.  It would be different if it was an episode for next season, but I think it is WAY TOO SOON to bring them back.  But that is just my two cents.  Fell free to go against it by discussing it in the forum...)  Oh, thanks to Trekweb for the report.

I, Zimmerman:  The Pathfinder Project (grr, should be Project Voyager I think ;)  sends its first transmission to Voyager, and the Doctor discovers that his creator, Zimmerman, is dying.  Thinking he can save his creators life, the Doctor uses the experimental hyper-subspace technology to send his program back to the Alpha Quadrant.  This is the episode where Barclay and Troi return.

January 20, 2000

Here is a ton of new information on upcoming episodes, courtesy of the Star Trek Universe .  I should warn you that some of it is pretty spoiler intensive!!

Memorial:  Chakotay, Paris, Kim and Neelix return from a mission and start to exhibit signs of post traumatic stress syndrome to a war that they fought in.  As Voyager begins to investigate, the whole ship becomes affected.  They soon discover a war memorial in space that transfers actual thoughts to those who are within range.  Against Chakotay's wishes, Janeway keeps the memorial active, and establishes warning beacons. 

The Collective: Chakotay, Paris, Kim and Neelix get captured by five Borg children who run an entire cube by themselves.  They hold them as ransom, demanding that Voyager give them Voyager's deflector dish, so that they can contact the Collective to retrieve them.  Upon further investigation, it appears that all the drones on the cube died of some kind of pathogen that infiltrated the cube.  Seven soon discovers a message that the Collective does not want the children, as the Collective believes they are "defective".  Four of the drones return to Voyager as individuals.

Spirit Folk:  Tom and Harry manage to recover the Fair Haven Program.  However, the characters begin to suspect that the Voyager crew are not who they say they are.  Some of the townspeople capture and accuse Tom and Harry of being 'spirit folk', and Michael (Janeway's love interest) saves the day.  There are a few scenes of Michael and Janeway together, including one where she gives him a tour of the ship (Voyager).

Ashes to Ashes (New!!): A Voyager officer who died several years before during an away mission with Kim returns to Voyager as another species.  This species manages to survive by taking dead bodies, reanimating them and turning the DNA into their own.  During this process, the newly revived aliens are supposed to forget their former lives, but this officer does not.  She returns to Voyager, much to the chagrin of Kim who was in love with her.  The Doctor uses his "revert the DNA to it's original state oven" to make the woman look human again.  When the aliens arrive, they begin to attack Voyager, looking for the young woman.  The B-Plot to this show is Seven and the four Borg children, as she starts to teach them, etc...  They are quite a handful, so she dumps them into a room with Naomi Wildman, saying "Now, the fun will commence".

Child's Play (New!!): The Borg children return, when the oldest is reunited with his parents.   Although he doesn't want to leave Voyager, Seven convinces him it will be for the better.  He has been helpful for Voyager, as he designed devices to scan for wormholes.  When the child returns to his parents, one of the other children informs Seven that the parents lied about how the child was assimilated.  When Voyager returns, they find the child alone in a shuttle that activates a beacon to attract Borg cubes.  Upon further investigation, Seven finds that the child was created by his species as a "Borg Killer".  The Child then ends up on Voyager at the end.

Older Voyager News

January 9, 2000:

It seems as though that lately, Voyager has turned into "The Young and the Restless".  Why?  According to some of those trashy tabloids, Voyager executive producer, Brannon Braga, is seeing none other than Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine).  Scandalous!  Ryan recently divorced her husband, Jack Ryan, less than a year ago now.  Apparently, Ryan and Braga are living together, and sources close to Ryan say "she is so happy [with Braga]".  Hmm.  Why scandalous?  Well, the powers that be at Paramount frown and look down upon relationships between producers and cast members.  Tsk, tsk.  According to other sources, the two love birds have not kept their affection for one another private, as they become "kissey kissey" on the set.  All I have to say is:  "Go Brannon, go Brannon!". 

(pictured at left is the happy couple:  Jeri Ryan on the left and Brannon Braga on the right).